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What Makes Dr. Mobasser the Best Holistic Dentist in Beverly Hills?

While traditional medicine saves lives on the daily, it is important to take into account the other kinds of approaches available to make sure that you are taking the best care of yourself. Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the famed celebrity dentist of Los Angeles, takes pride in his dual approach to dentistry. By excelling in both…

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best cosmetic dentist in the usa

Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist in the USA for Your Particular Procedure

You, like a lot of people, probably only want to work from the best. This is particularly important when it comes to doctors. After all, if you are looking to have a nicer smile, you don’t want just anybody to take care of it. The end result will be right there on your face for…

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lumineers in hollywood

Deciding Between Veneers and Lumineers in Hollywood

When it comes to improving upon your own smile, there are countless different procedures out there for you. Veneers and lumineers, for example, have been gaining traction lately as two of the leading ways to improve upon the look of teeth. If you are looking to get either veneers or lumineers in Hollywood, here are…

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Porcelain Veneers Cost

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Everyone dreams about having perfect teeth so you can flash a smile that will dazzle a room. All your favorite celebrities, models, captains of industry and politicians all seem to have perfect smiles with perfect teeth, and you wonder how they can achieve that look. Try as you might, your teeth never look as white…

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best veener dentist

The Best Veener Dentist Guides You Through the Veneer Process

Cosmetic dentistry is a wide-encompassing field that can include quick procedures as well as elaborate surgeries. There is a lot in between these two. Somewhere between them, you find veneers. These are not overly complicated procedures, but there are definitely long-lasting solutions. If you want this treatment to achieve their full potential, you will want…

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best dentist in los angeles

Best Dentist in Los Angeles Explains the Pillars of Cosmetic Dentistry

A lot of people know that they want their teeth and their smile to look better, but they might feel a bit scared regarding what this could entail. This makes sense, since a lot of people have negative expectations when it comes to dental procedures in general. And if they feel that way about the…

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celebrity dentist

Why is Dr. Anthony Mobasser the Celebrity Dentist?

It is no secret that Dr. Anthony Mobasser is widely considered to be the Celebrity Dentist of Los Angeles. This is what both his patients and his fellow dentists call him. We know it’s definitely earned, but why? What has cemented his status as such? This is what has gotten Dr. Anthony Mobasser to be…

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