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You May Need a Dental Implants Beverly Hills Treatment

At various times in your life, you’ll experience tooth loss. It can be from severe gum disease or a failed root canal. Dental implants in Beverly Hills can resolve the loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth.

Although prevention is still your best bet, you’ll experience losing one or more teeth at some point in your life. The good thing, these days, is that you’ll no longer have to deal with the cons of using a fixed bridge or fake teeth.

A dental implant is a way to go. It’s an artificial root implanted in your jawbone that can support one or more teeth, and this option doesn’t rely on the support of neighboring teeth.

The crowns or bridges supported by this option are cemented so they won’t move. Dental implants also preserve bone volume where you’ve lost your tooth.

No Damage to Remaining Teeth

One of the reasons dental implant is a preferred treatment for tooth loss is that it won’t harm remaining or neighboring teeth, and that’s because it doesn’t rely on them in the first place.

It’s not like dentures; a dental implant prevents bone loss by replacing the root and the tooth. It looks and functions like your natural teeth.

That said, there’s no need for you to worry about clicking noises. You also don’t have to deal with speaking and chewing difficulties because of dentures.

But not all patients who lost their teeth are good candidates for this treatment. When you visit Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s dental office in Los Angeles, he can tell you whether or not a dental implant is the most appropriate option for your case.

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Nevertheless, this treatment enjoys high success rates for patients with good oral health. Delayed healing may occur, however, if you’re a smoker or suffering from a chronic medical condition.

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Before you choose this option, Dr. Mobasser will discuss the cons of this treatment.

First, replacing a missing tooth is one of the most expensive treatments.

Second, it’s not a quick solution, and you’ll have to undergo many steps to complete it.

Third, it takes up to six months for the dental implant to blend perfectly with your jawbone.

Fourth, you may experience infection. But this risk increases if you go to an inexperienced cosmetic dentist to perform the procedure. That’s why, if you wish your dental implant to be successful the first time, you must only have it done by an experienced dentist.

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