My front tooth is discolored, what are my options?

unnamedWhen i was around 10-11 yrs old I fell & chipped my front central incisor (bottom part) , over the years i had bondings done. The top portion of my tooth which is my real tooth is becoming yellow and darker compared to my other teeth and now is darker than the bonding I have on it now.i had a pulp test and I felt it , so the pulp is not dead, the tooth is sensitive sometimes. Should I be getting a root canal ? If the pulp is still alive what is causing the discoloration ? How can I fix this?

See a good dentist to take an xray to check for pathology, since you mentioned sensitivity on your single front tooth.
​ If tooth needs root canal , after root canal, have the great dentist do the internal bleaching, right after root canal, you will see your tooth will look as original in 3 to 4 days.

​ If you do not need root canal after the xray, here are your options:

​ 1- Bleaching and tooth whitening on single tooth or all your teeth, then change the dental bonding you had many years ago after bleaching and tooth whitening.for more information click here:

​ 2- Have a complete dental bonding done, basically it is a composite veneer, It can stain on the long term, and it is not as strong as porcelain veneers, however very little tooth structure is removed, which is less invasive than porcelain veneering. Cost is moderate. For more information on composite veneers or dental bonding:

​ 3- Depending on your bite, possibly you might need a porcelain veneer. Porcelain veneer is strong, however tooth preparation more than dental bonding is required, and it is a 2 office visit to the dentist. If you do choose to do porcelain veneer, for a lasting result, I recommend you find the best cosmetic dentist near you, since to do a one tooth veneer requires skill, vision, a great master ceramist. But again this is for lasting results, and even if the tooth goes dead in the future your dental veneer will not be damaged. the cost on porcelain veneer for single tooth can be expensive.for more information on dental veneers click here: