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Celebrity Dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser has performed thousands of smile makeovers since 1980. In that time, he has worked with a multitude of celebrities from around the globe, ensuring that their celebrity smiles are the envy of the world.

With his trained, artistic eye, he can instantly recognize what makes a smile so dazzling, or identify what can be done to turn an average smile into the dazzling celebrity smiles we see in the media.

Below are some of his thoughts on today’s celebrity smiles.

Kim Karsashian Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s smile is attractive, teeth are well proportioned, to make it more perfect. Upon her wide smile, there could be an improvement on the black spaces between the cheek and her teeth.

This space can be closed to show less space and make the smile fuller, that can be accomplished by placing porcelain veneers or Lumineers to fill the space near the cheeks.

For a younger look, a little longer front 2 teeth will give a younger smile. Her teeth show a lot of translucency, which looks natural.

Kim Kardashian is not going for the white Hollywood smile for the time being.

Solution: Porcelain Veneers, Lumineers

Selena Gomez Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s smile is nice, her 2 front teeth are a little misaligned, and worn out at the edge. Making the 2 front teeth more aligned, and a bit longer will improve her smile dramatically.

Upon a wide smile on pictures, there is dark space between the cheeks and teeth, that can easily be beautified with porcelain veneers, to give it a more symmetrical fuller smile.

Solution: Porcelain Veneers

Kylie Jenner Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony MobasserKylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has a beautiful smile. If she wanted to get the perfect smile, just by making her smile fuller and more zygomatic, it will be amazing.

Lumineers or Veneers stand out as the premier choice for those who seek immediate and striking improvements.

These cutting-edge dental options promise a transformation that is both rapid and profoundly impactful, perfectly suited for someone as dynamic as Kylie.

For a more gradual approach, Invisalign could also be considered, meticulously refining the alignment of her smile over time, though it requires a bit more patience.

Solution: Lumineers, Veneers, or Invisalign

Ariana Grande Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser

Ariana Grande 

By delicately adjusting the length of the lateral incisors (the teeth adjacent to the two front teeth), a more harmonious and balanced aesthetic could be achieved. This slight modification would smooth the transition between the teeth, creating a seamless, stunning smile that captivates at first glance.

The approach to achieving this enhancement could be remarkably conservative, utilizing Dental Bonding, Lumineers, or Veneers. Each option offers its own benefits, from the minimally invasive nature of Dental Bonding to the enduring beauty of Lumineers and Veneers. This tailored approach ensures that the essence of Ariana’s natural beauty is not only preserved but accentuated.

Solution: Dental Bonding, Lumineers, or Veneers

Taylor Swift Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony MobasserTaylor Swift 

Taylor Swift’s smile is nice. However it can be improved by changing the shape and length of her eye tooth (canine), creating more gum symmetry, placing balance in the buccal corridor, and create length symmetry between the 4 front upper teeth and her back teeth, then her smile will be amazing!

As her current side view photos upon smiling and being happy show shorter back teeth compared to her front 4 teeth.

Solution: Changing the shape and length of her eye tooth (canine)

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser

We get lots of requests to duplicate Angelina Jolie’s teeth and smile. She has a beautiful natural, well-proportioned bright smile showing molar-to-molar teeth – what makes it so attractive is because her upper teeth follow the lower lip curvature when smiling. Also, there’s a step on her front teeth (the two front teeth are a bit longer than the two side teeth); she shows minimal gum upon smiling and the golden proportion of her teeth are pleasing.

However, the only thing that might help her smile is if she had upper right side teeth out a little bit more since they are in at the present. This creates a perfect fuller smile, meaning there is no black space or void upon a full smile seen from the front.

Solution: Thin Veneers, Lumineers.

Sarah Palin Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony MobasserSarah Palin

Generally speaking, is attractive, has a younger-looking smile with a step on her two front teeth, the white color adds value to the total picture. However, the back teeth look a little worn out and discolored, especially her left side.

By adding a bit of length to the back teeth, their alignment could be optimized to elegantly follow the curve of the lower lip when smiling. This subtle yet profound adjustment would not only improve the visual harmony of Palin’s smile but also convey a sense of radiant health and vitality.

Solution: Porcelain Veneers to make the back teeth longer and even younger-looking.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser

Bruce Willis, known for his compelling on-screen presence and signature natural smile that stretches from molar to molar, exudes a certain rugged charm. However, the apparent shortening of the back teeth, possibly a result of clenching, along with the less visible upper right side teeth in straight photos, creates an asymmetry that detracts from the overall harmony of Willis’s smile.

This asymmetry not only impacts the aesthetic balance but also introduces a visual distraction in the form of a black space, making his smile appear less engaging than it could be. Moreover, the discrepancy in color between the front teeth and those adjacent—failing to adhere to the golden proportion of dental aesthetics.

Addressing the wear on the back teeth could involve reconstructive procedures such as dental crowns or onlays, designed to restore their original height and functionality, effectively countering the effects of clenching. To correct the visibility issue of the upper right side teeth, a combination of orthodontics and cosmetic contouring might be employed, ensuring that Willis’s smile is uniformly radiant and visible from all angles.

The color mismatch between the central incisors, laterals, and canines presents an opportunity for color correction techniques, possibly through veneers or dental bonding, to achieve a seamless, uniform appearance. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each aspect of Willis’s smile is harmonized, not only in function but in form and color, adhering to the golden proportion that underpins aesthetic perfection.

Solution: Permanent tooth whitening, possibly thin Veneers, making the teeth fuller to close the black space showing up on the white smile.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony Mobasser

Demi Moore, with her dazzling full white smile, captures the essence of Hollywood glamour. Yet, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the celebrity dentist with an eye for perfection, suggests subtle refinements to elevate her smile further. By reducing the bulkiness and length of her teeth, which currently extend to touch the lower lip upon smiling, a more sophisticated and comfortable smile could be achieved.

Additionally, Dr. Mobasser notes a slight discord between the back teeth, particularly the crowns or bridges on the upper right side, and the front teeth. These elements, while minor, subtly reveal the hand of cosmetic dentistry. By harmonizing these aspects with the natural beauty of her front teeth, Dr. Mobasser envisions a flawless, cohesive smile that enhances Demi Moore’s radiant beauty without betraying the presence of dental work, ensuring her smile remains as timeless as her performances.

Solution: Cosmetic contouring of the smile line or possibly redoing some Porcelain Crowns.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony MobasserDenzel Washington’s smile, with its dazzling Hollywood white, sets a benchmark for celebrity charisma. However, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, with his discerning eye for dental aesthetics, believes there’s room for refinement to elevate its natural appeal. He suggests that while the brilliance of Washington’s smile is undeniable, the teeth could benefit from a subtler shade of white to enhance authenticity. Additionally, a slight reduction in both the bulkiness and length of the front teeth would not only complement Denzel’s distinguished features but also contribute to a more balanced and approachable smile.

Dr. Mobasser envisions these adjustments as the key to transforming Washington’s already captivating smile into one that is both stunning and seamlessly natural, further solidifying his status as an icon of elegance and charm.

Solution: To perfect his smile, he needs more transition in color on each tooth in conjunction with translucency incorporated on the Veneers to break them up the light hitting his teeth, which can make them seem unnaturally white. Unfortunately, lack of translucency makes the teeth an opaque white, which calls attention to the Cosmetic Dentistry work performed.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Dentist - Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles - Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Anthony MobasserAlthough I hesitate to evaluate the most talented and brilliant basketball player in the world, by adjusting the lateral incisors to be more proportional to the central front teeth, and addressing the crowding of the lower teeth, Kobe’s smile could achieve a new level of aesthetic perfection. Additionally, optimizing the gum-to-lip ratio to reduce the visibility of the gums in side views would further refine his smile, aligning it with the symmetry and charisma of his persona.

These subtle yet impactful enhancements would not only complement Kobe Bryant’s legendary status but also illuminate his smile with the same brilliance he brought to the world of basketball.

Solution: Gum recontouring, and thin translucent porcelain veneers using Leonardo da Vinci Golden Proportion ratio.

Jeff Bezos

Mr. Bezos is deeply invested in fitness and health. However, his smile could see significant improvement. Despite having veneers or porcelain crowns, his smile would benefit greatly if his teeth were extended by 2 to 3 millimeters.

Enhancing his smile line with a brighter color and a fuller appearance to complement his personality and lifestyle could make him appear ten years younger—a desirable outcome for anyone seeking a more youthful smile.

The refinement of Mr. Bezos’s smile would involve restoring 10 teeth to broaden the smile’s corridor. This adjustment would allow more teeth to be visible from the side when he turns his head, resulting in a fuller and more attractive smile.

Frequently Asked Questions about Celebrity Smiles

How can I get a celebrity Smile?

Your best option is to seek a well-known experienced Celebrity Dentist since they are the ones that design the smiles of the Hollywood Elite celebrity A list. Find the celebrity smile you love to have and do an evaluation with an expert celebrity dentist to emanate and duplicate what you love, it is that easy!

How much does a Celebrity smile cost?

The cost of treatment and redesigning your smile to a celebrity smile is not cheap, and it depends on what needs to be done with alignment, shape, size of your teeth, and especially functioning well in your mouth.

Celebrity smiles can start at $35,000 if done with an expert celebrity Dentist.

What is considered a perfect smile?

A perfect smile is the one that you feel confident and just love to smile! Beauty and perfection are in the eyes of the beholder, and it is not like piano keys, It does reveal perfecta imperfecta, and usually is very pleasing to the wearing it. The color, shape, the alignment all match the patient’s face shape, skin tone, and the white of the eyes, and especially the lips. In nature, Da Vinci’s golden ratios can be instrumental in designing a perfect smile.

How do celebrities fix their teeth?

Celebrities and the stars of Hollywood “A” list, chose the best celebrity dentist with experience, knowledge, and passion for what they do. They want the celebrity dentist to be confident, be there for them, and have the expertise to give them what they want, in a short period of time. They trust their celebrity dentist and his vision in designing the most pleasing smile that matches their face and characters.

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