Emax Veneers vs Emax Lumineers

Learn The Differences Between Emax Veneers vs Emax Lumineers

Emax Veneers and Emax Lumineers are Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s favorites for long-lasting results. Veneers and Lumineers (no-prep veneers) can be fabricated with different materials, one such material is named E Max which is disilicate lithium vs the classical Lumineers which is Cerinate.

What is difference between E-Max Veneers or Lumineers?

Veneers are different than Lumineers, although Lumineers are also classified as a type of veneer restoration, the only difference is that for Lumineers or no-prep veneers the dentist is not reshaping or preparing the tooth structure at all, hence they are also called no-prep veneers or prep fewer Veneers. Both are pressed porcelain which they are very strong, and they mimic the optic of natural enamel, in which they are translucent.

Would the Emax Veneers or Lumineers look bulky?

Most patients want whiter teeth, depending on how discolored is your existing teeth are Emax Lumineers or no-prep veneers will look bulkier compared to Emax veneers to hide the existing discolored tooth. Generally, Lumineers will look bulkier and thicker than veneers. If the alignment of the teeth is not ideal, meaning they are in and out, Emax Lumineers is not recommended, but Emax thin veneers are suggested.

If your teeth are discolored, Emax Lumineers is not recommended, since most likely a thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 mm porcelain cannot give you a much whiter and brighter color you desire, however, if you choose an Emax veneer the desired color can be attainable!

How would I know, how my teeth look like if using Emax Veneers or Lumineers?

It is best to have an initial cast of your teeth done showing your existing teeth and ask the cosmetic dentist to show you the wax-up, mimicking the final result. There is a charge to do this service but is well worth it.

Look at Below Picture

The patient presented with discolored cracked teeth for the 4 front teeth. Lumineers or no-prep veneers would NOT be appropriate for this case, since it would make the teeth very bulky, and would not be able to mask the dis-coloration, therefore Emax veneers were used by Dr. Mobasser, to take 10 years off her face, and give the patient a priceless smile!

Below Picture Before and After

The patient had an Implant bridge on two front teeth, which did not like the shape and color. The patient was not pleased with her smile and the gums surrounding the teeth. After the smile makeover, Dr. Mobasser was able to beautify the smile, by a combination of using Zirconia implant crown, Emax crown, and Emax Veneers, and match all the colors the same, which is a challenging treatment, when using different materials!

The patient was ecstatic and could not be more appreciative after the treatment.

Before: Crooked discolored teeth with gummy smile
After: Smile Makeover Emax Porcelain Veneers, Crowns Dr Mobasser get questions like:

Why my Lumineers smell?

If there is an odor coming from underneath the Lumineers tooth it is usually due to bacterial seepage, and the fit of the Lumineers MUST be checked, decay on the root of the tooth is possible. Inflamed puffy gums can also be the cause of halitosis and foul smell from underneath the Lumineers.

Does Emax Veneer cost more than Emax Lumineers?

Emax veneers Cost more than Emax Lumineers. Lumineers or no-prep veneers are cheaper than Emax veneers since there is no preparation is needed, hence the dentist is not spending as much time vs veneers. The cost of Emax Lumineers can start from $1,750 per tooth and up. But the price is worth it as Emax Lumineers are stronger than the original Cerinate porcelain (Lumineers).

Their thickness can also be minimal around 0.3mm to 0.5mm, so they are quite similar to a contact lens. One of the benefits of EMax porcelain is that it requires little to no tooth reduction and can be fabricated very thin. It also doesn’t need numbing shots or anesthesia.

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Below: Emax Lumineers, is add on, meaning no tooth structure is removed, and a thickness of porcelain will be added to the existing shape of the tooth. If the teeth are not aligned, the result of straight teeth can be achieved, however, they may look a little bulkier!

veneers vs lumineers
Before and after eMax Lumineers

What are Emax Veneers or Lumineers?

Emax is made of Lithium disilicate pressed glass-ceramic. It is not only incredibly durable, but it also offers outstanding aesthetics. The translucency properties of Emax Lumineers are designed to replicate your natural tooth structure.

Thus, no one will notice that you underwent a smile makeover. The Emax Lumineers will match your existing teeth. In this way, you will achieve seamless, natural integration of your smile. They can also be personalized based on the shade and color that you like.

Since they require little to no tooth removal, they preserve the integrity of your tooth structure. Plus, you will not experience discomfort while Dr. Mobasser prepares your tooth. In the hands of Dr. Mobasser, EMax Lumineers will bond strongly to your tooth’s enamel, instead of dentin. Thus, they last longer.

And if you’re not pleased, they can be easily removed by just cutting them off. Apart from that, there’s minimal damage to your tooth’s nerve.

How long Do Lumineers last?

Emax Lumineers, according to ADA (American Dental Association) can last 5 to 10 years, but in the hand of an expert cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Mobasser, it has lasted 20 years and still functioning well.

Emax is very durable porcelain, and if done right and depending on how well you take care of them it is a very long-lasting restoration. The benefit of bonding to enamel directly gives the patient the highest bond and predictability that your Emax Lumineers last a long time.

Are Emax Lumineers for everyone?

Unfortunately, EMax Lumineers aren’t for everyone. It’s the reason you must see Dr. Mobasser to know whether or not you’re a good candidate for this procedure. Lumineers in general will add thickness to the original tooth, and some individuals may not like that, also the bite needs to be evaluated.

If you do have a tight bite, and a layer of porcelain is added to the inside of your front teeth, you may not be able to have a balanced bite! Lumineers in general since it is an additive procedure make the neck of teeth wider, and some patients do not like that. Ask Dr. Mobasser if you are a candidate.

Do Celebrities get Veneers or Crowns?

The majority of celebrities prefer to have Veneers by far! The Veneers are more conservative and preserve their tooth structure compared to a porcelain crown. They know they can always go to crown if the veneers fail, however one cannot have veneer if the crown fails.

One of the things that Dr. Mobasser will consider is your bite as it can play a significant role in determining whether this restoration procedure is an excellent choice for you.

If you’re not a good candidate, you shouldn’t worry as Dr. Mobasser will help you determine the perfect smile transformation procedure that’s ideal for your case. Whatever the suggested procedure is, you will receive the best smile results as Dr. Mobasser is known for his keen eye for beauty. No matter what the procedure he performs to his patients, it always results in a beautiful, Hollywood-like smile.

When choosing to have Lumineers and Veneers, your dentist should guide and advise you to which is the material of choice for your Veneers, Lumineers or thin veneers in your case, and for what reason? Veneers are obtainable in different brands and materials. One of the materials to use is Emax, as opposed to feldspathic, Zirconia, lava, Procera, and many more porcelain materials available.

The average cost for Emax veneers by a conventional dentist in Los Angles, Beverly Hills, or Hollywood is $1750 per tooth and up. Depending on the severity of each smile and the treating cosmetic dentist’s expertise and knowledge the price can be more expensive.

Smile makeover using Emax veneers, are more costly depending on the color of existing teeth, the existing bite, the angulation of the individual teeth, and the lip line of the patient.

Emax Lumineers, meaning no prep Emax veneers can cost around $1,300 per tooth by an average dentist practicing in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills. The price is worth it since prep less Emax veneer is stronger than the Cerinate Porcelain (Lumineers).

An expert cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or Hollywood area will charge more, for these services, due to their dexterity, keen eyes for beauty, and know-how of the Emax materials, and the best time to use and their limitations of use.

What are the Thinnest Emax Lumineers?

Emax porcelain thickness can be as low as 0.3 mm similar to a contact lens thickness, but the material is extremely strong. An expert master ceramist can get the thickness to 0.3 mm.

One of the advantages of no-prep Emax veneers is that it requires no tooth reduction, and no anesthesia but unfortunately not everyone is a candidate!

The bite or occlusion of the individual, the existing color of your teeth, is 2 major factors, that can determine if you are a great candidate to receive Emax veneers or Emax Lumineers (no-prep veneers).

E-Max Veneers and Emax No-Prep Veneers

Emax is NOT indicated for patients with dark teeth wanting white opaque pearly teeth. Due to the translucency of the Emax porcelain, it cannot hide dark shades well.

The Emax Lumineers can match the color of your existing teeth, but if you want 5 to 7 shades lighter color, Emax Lumineers is really not for you. You can achieve seamless, natural integration of your smile.

They can also be personalized based on the shade and color that you like. Most of Emax coloring is externally done, so after 7 years or so the external color of porcelain can wash off!

The great benefit of using Emax porcelain for some knowledgeable cosmetic dentists is not much tooth removal is necessary to make the strong porcelain material be able to be fabricated and function. Since they require little to no tooth removal, they preserve the integrity of your tooth structure.

Plus, you will not experience discomfort while Dr. Anthony Mobasser  re-shapes your tooth. In the hands of Dr. Mobasser, Emax Lumineers will bond strongly to your tooth’s enamel, instead of dentin, and his method of bonding the porcelain to your tooth is unique in which only a small number of cosmetic dentists take the time to bond that way, hence the results can last over 20 years, as he has followed and seen his patients being happy with his unique bonding technique to enjoy many more years of function and beauty over the average life expectancy of veneers done by conventional dentist.

Is it easy to remove Emax Veneers?

One word of caution! Due to the strength of Emax veneers, If you are not happy with the results of your existing Emax veneers, they are extremely hard for any dentist to remove and cut through them, and can cause a lot of heat to the tooth while removing them to be redone.
Most top dentist charge higher fees to redo Emax veneers or crowns since it takes much longer time, and expertise is necessary to remove this hard porcelain!

If the Emax porcelain veneers are opposing natural tooth structure, it can cause severe wear of your normal dentition!

How long does Emax Veneers last?

Emax veneers done with an average dentist can last up to 5 to 10 years, but if done with an expert cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Mobasser it can surpass over 30 years. Of course, preventative maintenance also plays a major factor. Dr. Mobasser has veneer cases that are now 35 years old, functioning well and still looking natural and awesome.

Do Veneers look fake?

This depends on which dentist is doing it and which master ceramist is making the veneer. Natural teeth are not monochromatic (one color) there is transition in color from the neck to body and the incisal edge. Natural veneers need translucency just like a natural tooth structure.

Am I a candidate for Emax Veneer or Emax Lumineers?

Both Emax veneers and Lumineers can improve the color of your teeth and make the teeth stronger due to microcracks and craze lines. But unfortunately, Emax porcelain veneers and Emax Lumineers are not for everyone.

The existing bite and function of your teeth is a huge determining factor, plus the expectation of your final aesthetic desire. For that reason, you must see Dr. Mobasser to know whether or not you’re a good candidate for this procedure.

Dr. Mobasser will need to do a complete evaluation in regard to your existing bite, occlusion, the color, and what you want your teeth or smile be, in short term and long term, and then will recommend you if you are a good candidate? or is Emax an excellent choice for you?

We sometimes get request from new patients to change their Emax veneers or Emax crowns, since the color is translucent or not white enough!

​Emax (Lithium Disilicate) veneers are great and strong but the color of Emax porcelain is not bright, they are more translucent in nature, Just like natural teeth, unless the ceramist does a cut back and add feldspathic porcelain and revitalize the color to what the patient desires!

The preparation and removal of tooth structure by the dentist is an important factor also!

The more tooth structure is removed the more the ceramist can manipulate the color of the veneers, but for the patient’s sake, if the cosmetic dentist wants to stay in enamel, the less room the ceramist has to mask the colors! It is a give and takes!

Is It Easy To Remove An Emax Restoration?

Be informed that once you do have an Emax restorations and you may want to change or redo, it is much harder and time-consuming for the dentist to remove Emax porcelain, and it will require much more time to cut out the Emax porcelain or even a Zirconia porcelain!

What are Zirconia Porcelain Veneers?

This category of Veneers has just started to be done in the United States and around the world. Zirconia veneers are used for Hollywood white smile! It is utilizing the strongest porcelain available!

Zirconia veneers can produce bright white smile, and it is very technique sensitive. There is not much research done on their longevity since the bond to Zirconia is not perfected yet as opposed to Emax veneers or Feldspar Porcelain, but the end result is bright Hollywood white results, which no other porcelain can produce! Since they require a strict protocol. They are more costly.

Ask Dr. Mobasser if you are a candidate for Zirconia porcelain veneers.

Which one is Stronger Emax Or Zirconia?

By far Zirconia, porcelain is stronger than Emax porcelain. The dentist must be experienced enough to know which one best fits the required function in the mouth, and of course do not wear the opposing dentition. Of course, for any reason the Zirconia porcelain needs to be redone and removed, it is way harder than its counterpart Emax porcelain.

If you are not a good candidate, Dr. Mobasser will help you determine the perfect smile transformation procedure and material, that’s ideal for your case. Whatever the suggested procedure is, you will receive the best smile results as Dr. Mobasser is known for his keen eye for beauty. No matter what the procedure he performs, it always results in a beautiful, red carpet smile.

Before and After Dental Zerconia Veneers

Before and After Zirconia Veneers

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