Snap on Smile in Los Angeles

Get a Snap-On Smile in Los Angeles by Dr. Anthony Mobasser

A Snap-on Smile is a removable appliance that goes over the patient’s teeth, thus you can change the color and shape of teeth.

Having said that, let’s discuss the pros and cons as it relates to cosmetic dentistry.

The PROS are: there is no anesthetic involved * it is reversible (if you do not like it, you do not wear it) * there is usually no drilling involved * the dentist can use it as a diagnostic tool for the bite and possibly TMJ (TMD) * there is the possibility of cosmetic enhancement when it is INDICATED * it can be a precursor to thin dental veneers, lumineers, or porcelain veneers * it can close spaces to a certain extent, overcoming DENTAL PHOBIA * immediate gratification is possible *  it is a quick fix to get white smile * it is a fraction of the cost of placing 10 plus veneers.

The CONS: they are fragile, so they can fracture or break * since it goes over your teeth, they are going to appear BULKIER than your teeth * they will not have the same look as your natural teeth or a well-made porcelain veneer * it is a compromised smile makeover * it is not recommended for a severe bruxer or clencher * the possibility of fracture does exist * it does not last as long as other cosmetic treatments * it can interfere with SPEECH and phonetics, since they are longer than your own teeth and they are joined *  it is not indicated for people who like their existing length and width of their teeth and do not want them altered.


It is my opinion that the AESTHETIC (or esthetic) DENTIST should evaluate the patient, take necessary records, discern patient needs and wants, then discuss all options and pros and cons with the patient.

If you are interested further, please call 310-550-0383 for your in-depth one-to-one consultation, to see if a snap-on smile is for you.

snap on smile

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