Dental Veneers in Los Angeles

Dr Anthony Mobasser is considered to be an expert for Dental Veneers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills since 1980, he has done over 10,000 (ten thousand) dental veneers cases over his 30 plus years in his cosmetic dentistry practice in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood area, and most are holding and look great after 20 years functioning in his patients mouths.

Patients from overseas and across the Us travel many hours just to have their full mouth veneers done by him. Dental veneers is his passion, since he has the experience and knows where and when the dental veneers are indicated, and when the patient is not a great candidate to have veneers done.

Due to his know how, keen eyes for beauty, and expertise in dental veneers, his fees are above average, but his dental veneers are the best! The cost of dental veneers varies due to the complexity of each case and the end result you want.

Dental Veneers are one of Dr Mobasser’s specialty services, and veneers are essential to obtaining that mega smile you’ve always wanted. Dental Veneers can Rejuvenate your smile, face and your character within.

What is a dental veneer?

Dental Veneer is usually used for beautification of the teeth and making your tooth stronger. Dental veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that is bonded to the teeth. They enable you to change the color, shape, alignment of your teeth and in some occasions help the function of your teeth by providing balance. Veneers due require veneer bonding and a specific sensitive protocol to bond the veneer to your tooth so they become one.

Dental Veneer bonding, typically, is used to describe a method of adding tooth-colored filling material ( Composite) with specific color and strength to make your veneer look good and last a long time. It is applied to the tooth, sculpted to an ideal shape, hardened and then polished to a natural looking luster. Ideally, both these processes are applied at a time to reshape and beautify your teeth, there by giving an aesthetic look to your face.

Are dental veneers only used for front teeth?

Dental veneers are considered to be anti-aging procedure in which can turn back time, and rejuvenate the worn out front teeth. Dental veneers are also used for back teeth to strengthen them via adding porcelain to the chewing surface, hence avoiding the individual to have a dental crown procedure, in which is more of a radical treatment.

Per Dr Anthony Mobasser if done right:  the conservative preparation ( minimal tooth removal ) required for dental veneers, make them one of the desirable procedures in cosmetic dentistry.

What are dental veneers used for?

Dental veneers treatment are done for a variety of conditions such as uneven spaces or gaps, worn or chipped teeth, stained or discolored teeth, misshapen teeth, teeth that are too small or too large, crooked teeth etc. They are more durable and effective for cosmetic needs of the individual compared to dental bonding. An additional benefit of Veneers is that they are a more conservative procedure than crowns.

On the other hand, Bonding is done with composite resins to close gaps to fix chipped teeth, to cover discoloration and to replace the traditional silver fillings in front or back teeth. Bonding can be done for the decayed teeth, spaces or gaps, broken or chipped teeth, stained or discolored teeth, with or without anesthesia with minimal or no discomfort. Dental veneers are custom made to mimic the desired shape, you as the patient want.

How should the cosmetic dentist determine the shape and color ?

In most cases an expert dentist matches the veneers to the individual’s skin color, shape of the face: either round, square, or ovoid, the shape of the lips, gender and most importantly to the personality of the individual.

Below are various Dental Veneers pictures which can match different individual’s personality. Different shapes of dental veneers fits different personalities. Slight change in shape of the veneer reflects a different smile which matches a particular personality.

Dental veneers cost vary, depending on the treating dentist experience, and the complexity of the case.

Before and After Dental Veneers in Los Angeles

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Dental veneer and a Crown to match for Front Teeth, Before and After

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Porcelain Crown and Dental veneer in Los Angeles, Before and After

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Are lumineers considered to be Dental Veneers?

Lumineers are also considered to be a derivative of Dental Veneers, however for lumineers, no preparation or contouring of your existing tooth structure is required, hence they are called: No prep veneers.

Lumineers will usually appear bulky and over contoured if minimal tooth structure is not removed, but they still can be used on selected cases only. A complete full mouth Evaluation and Bite Analysis is absolutely necessary before deciding on lumineers vs veneers. Besides wanting your no prep veneers to look great, the dentist must make sure they will function well also.

Dental Veneers are custom made for each individual, according to their age, gender, lip form, the amount of teeth or gum they show , their skin color, the face form and more importantly to their personality.

What is difference between veneers vs crowns?

Unlike crowns, veneers require minimal tooth surface re-shaping, making them very desirable due to being the least invasive porcelain restoration procedure. If a radical approach of tooth reshaping is done by a dentist, ( meaning lots of tooth structure is removed ), that is when unfortunately dental veneer problems can occur!

Dental crowns require 360 degree of tooth removal, the full circumference of the tooth need preparation, and the crown or cap goes ove the tooth. Dental veneers if done right require minimal preparation only on the front of the tooth, meaning the back surface of your tooth is untouched. Per Dr Mobasser:

The more conservative the cosmetic dentist is in preservation of your natural tooth structure the less problems will be encountered later!

What is a translucent dental veneers?

Veneers ideally look great and natural if they are translucent. Translucent veneers deals with the characteristic of the porcelain material, so when they are bonded onto a tooth’s surface, they look natural and they mimic the light-handling characteristics of enamel. However now days, there are different porcelains in the market that can make the color brighter and not translucent.

The master ceramist with the advise of the cosmetic dentist can still make a white colored veneer translucent so they look natural white. Translucency creates natural effects on the teeth so the dental veneers, do not appear fake!

Veneers resist staining and are strong compared to dental bonding procedure is a quick and ideal way to correct minor flaws. Dental veneers is used in dental reconstructions and Smile Make Overs to turn an average smile to a million dollar smile.

How many types of Dental Veneers are available?

There are two types of material used for dental veneers, Composite and Porcelain. They both have their pros and cons when dealing with the individual’s occlusion (bite) forces.

Porcelain is more popular, although composite dental veneers is definitely have their indications, and again the cost varies.

How many porcelain type of veneers are available ?

Dental veneers now day can be fabricated via stacked porcelain (feldspathic Porcelain), or pressed lucite porcelain like Empress, or Authentic or milled porcelain such as Lava, Zerconia Dental Veneers, or Emax Dental Veneers (Lithium Disilicate), each have advantages, and disadvantages in regards to masking the colors, or strength needed, depending on the bite and occlusion of the individual.

Each type of dental veneers have different prices and cost associated with it. Be sure to ask Dr Anthony Mobasser which dental veneer best fits your needs or wants.

Before and After Los Angeles Dental Veneers Emax

Veneers Los Angeles
Before Dental Veneers


Veneers Los Angeles
After Dental veneers (Emax)

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Patient wanted natural looking teeth. not whiter, but better stronger teeth and shape, dental bonding was failed due to strength, feldspathic layering porcelain used to give natural veneers.

What are the reasons for veneers popping off?

If your veneers are constantly getting loose or coming off, the reason is not the cement, there is possibility that you may not have enough enamel to get the highest bond, and the retention is compromised.

This is usually to lack of enamel prior to shaping the teeth for veneers, or it may be due to over preparation. If that happens too often, and your bite has been checked by an expert dentist and you do wear a night guard, then the veneer restoration must be changed to porcelain crown for more coverage of the tooth.

Dental Veneer for one tooth in front:

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Above: Dental veneer was done for one front tooth to match the natural decalcification to the uninjured tooth. The patient did not want to get two new dental veneers, nor did he wanted to change the color of his teeth.
Porcelain restoration for one tooth in the front is the most challenging task for any expert dentist. Dr Anthony Mobasser specializes in most difficult challenging cases. The color, shape, symmetry and alignment of the individual tooth is of utmost importance. He loves paying attention to details.

Veneers Los Angeles

best veneers in Los Angeles before

Veneers Los Angeles

Best Dental Veneers in Los Angeles during

Veneers Los Angeles

Best Dental Veneers in Los Angeles during

Veneers Los Angeles

Best Dental Veneers in Los Angeles after

Dental veneers was used to design the patient smile to what the patient requested. Patient wanted to show more aligned teeth, whiter but natural white color, wanted her canine teeth to be longer, in conjunction with her side front teeth.
Our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles was able to accomplish that using dental veneers, to give her a younger smile, more aligned and pearly natural teeth with some imperfections to mimic mother nature. Patient felt so happy! and the result was priceless.

Veneers Los Angeles

After Dental Veneers

Veneers Los Angeles

During new Dental Veneers

Veneers Los Angeles

 During Dental Veneers Lab Work

Veneers Los Angeles

Before New Dental Veneers

Our patient had dental veneers done in New York, in which he was happy with the shape but unfortunately the veneers keep popping out and keep fracturing requiring porcelain repair to the dental veneer. Our patient wanted to keep the same shape, however wanted them to be a little whiter in color, have the confidence that they do not pop out, and make sure his bite does not cause any broken veneers.
With that in mind  we were able to design the new veneers in our Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry office using the best master ceramist to duplicate the shape, brighten the color, use stronger porcelain material such as lithium Disilicate layering technique in conjunction with bite adjustments to gain our patient confidence. Our patient was amazed with the results.

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles
Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles
Mouth reconstruction with veneers by cosmetic dentist Dr Mobasser 28 years ago. Still looking good, feeling good, and lasting a long time!

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Dental Bonding  vs  Dental Veneers Thin Dental Veneers, are more color stable, and stronger vs dental bonding. Dental Veneers are much safer to lengthen short front teeth for longevity and strength!! The translucency of the natural teeth can be duplicated with all types of porcelains.

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Synopsis for Above: Dental veneers can break due to excessive force such as grinding! In this case the broken veneer can be repaired using dental bonding


Before and After

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles
Synopsis for Above: Patient presented with worn out veneers, and crown on 4  front teeth.
The combination of zirconia dental veneers and crown was fabricated by our Los Angeles veneer dentist, to give the patient bright white color, natural shape, with natural imperfections. Patient was incredibly happy.
Veneers Los AngelesPorcelain Veneers
Synopsis: Patient unhappy with her front teeth, did not like the shape, nor color. Dental bonding caused discoloration of the composite material, Dr Anthony Mobasser used dental veneer to transform her smile to look more fuller and boost her confidence. She was amazed that she got her new smile in 4 days.
Porcelain VeneersVeneers Los Angeles
Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Synopsis: Patient smile was transformed by using dental veneers in our Beverly Hills office. Dr Anthony Mobasser, a top veneer dentist in LA used a master ceramist to give her a new designed smile, so she can show teeth upon smiling! Patient was so happy, could not wait to do lowers asap.

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los AngelesSynopsis: Our patient presented with tetracycline stains wanting natural dental veneers to block out the dark intrinsic stain, and make the teeth longer, with natural color and not white bright color. Our veneer dentist in LA gave the patient what she wanted, she was very pleased.

Veneers Los Angeles

Synopsis: Dental veneers In Los Angeles, constructed with feldspathic porcelain to design a pearly smile. Notice translucency added just like natural teeth, and  gave the smile harmonious width to length ratio, the incisal edge separation of each designed tooth created a pleasing results.

Dental Veneers Procedures, Before After:

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles
Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles
Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles

Synopsis for Four Above: Patient wanted cosmetic dentistry with dental reconstruction only with dental veneers in Los Angeles, Patient traveled from Germany to get the treatment done in a week. Patient extremely apprehensive, wanted all procedures to be done under IV sedation, during COVID19 time.
Patient had worn out teeth, sensitive roots and recessions, had acid erosion, and collapsed bite, chipping his teeth constantly, dental bonding would not stand the forces of his clenching and grinding. he did not want crowns, and he wanted minimal prep dental veneers.
Full mouth dental veneer reconstruction was done in a week but our veneer specialist using ultra thin dental veneers to do all his mouth! Patient was ecstatic after completed treatment.

Dental Veneers Procedures, Before After:

Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles
Veneers Los AngelesVeneers Los Angeles
Synopsis for Two Above:
Patient wanted a smile makeover with dental veneers, and no crowns! she wanted ultra thin veneers with minimal removal of tooth structure, Dental veneer specialist Dr Mobasser was able to accomplish this with his master ceramist in just 3 days, patient traveled to get her teeth done from Europe, and stayed for a week in Los Angeles to get these superb results.

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