Full Mouth Reconstruction


Full mouth reconstruction is a complicated process. That said, it is a must that you only see the best dentist to perform the procedure. Dr. Anthony Mobasser specializes in full mouth dental reconstruction since 1980, and will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine the extent of your dental problem and the options to be used to mitigate it.

First Step: Evaluation and Examination

A full comprehensive examination of your teeth, gum tissues, joints, jaw muscles and occlusion, as well as the esthetics will be conducted at the clinic of Dr. Mobasser. This is the first step of full mouth reconstruction or full mouth restoration.

Dr. Mobasser will take note of any cavities, leaking fillings, sensitivities, cracks, root canal issues, cosmetic needs, old worn out dentistry and your occlusion or bite to determine whether you need porcelain veneers or full-coverage inlays, bridges or implants. If you have periodontal issues, he may suggest first root planing or scaling at onset, and evaluate for further necessary treatment to treat the problem. Dr. Mobasser’s team consists of periodontists, who can give you newly reconstructed gums and bone with a solid foundation.

The entire examination includes X-rays, photographs, models of your teeth, bite analysis, etc. All examinations are done at Dr. Mobasser’s clinic. Known as the best dentist in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, Dr. Mobasser has a dream team of periodontist, Endodontist, orthodontist and oral surgeon. He may refer you to one or some of them so he can create the most suitable treatment plan for you.

Second Step: Treatment Plan

After he has developed a comprehensive treatment plan to correct your oral problems, a full mouth reconstruction will be conducted. Most treatment plans involve different phases and may require multiple office visits. The number of days you must visit his dental office will depend on your situation.

In addition to your overall dental health, Dr. Mobasser and his team will also conduct a thorough examination of your overall health. If you have heart problems or autoimmune diseases, you may need special considerations before the full mouth reconstruction will be conducted.

Price/Cost of  Mouth Dental Reconstruction

The overall cost of full mouth reconstruction can vary from patient to patient, a complete examination, consultation, and evaluation is needed, and many factors can fluctuate the cost. The cost of full mouth dental reconstruction, and rehabilitation can vary tremendously between one dentist to another dentist. The expertize of the reconstructive dentist, and the know how of each dentist, in combination to severity of each individual case plays a major factor in the cost of total treatment.

A dental implant restoration crown may cost from $2,000 and up per tooth. This will depend on the number of teeth that need replacement.

An alternative to dental implant restoration is dental bridge placement, which, can start from $5000 and up.

Dental porcelain crown placement will have a price around $2500 and up per tooth if done by Dr Mobasser. The experience and the know how of the doctor, type of porcelain material that will be used, the esthetic needs, and the desired function of your teeth is the contributing factor to the cost.

Dr Mobasser’s private dental practice is fee for service, however if you do have dental insurance, Dr Mobasser’s office will bill your insurance so you get reimbursed directly from your insurance depending on what kind of plan you have. Generally speaking dental insurance is a help, but does not cover more than $1500 to $2000, depending on the plan you have.

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