Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles

Full mouth dental reconstruction is utilizing the artistic ability and the dental knowledge of the reconstructive dentist, to make the patient look younger, boost confidence, have a balanced bite with ideal function, and simply enjoy your dream smile with newly designed teeth shape, color, bite, and function of the masticatory system in an ideal way.

Reconstructing the mouth basically involves, having a balanced bite, occlusion, where there is no sign of disease, and removal of damaged tooth structure and substituting with restorations in which withstands the forces of your bite. Not all reconstructive dentists are cosmetic dentists.

If you do want cosmetic and reconstructive, then in addition to rehabilitation of your mouth, the dentist must consider the color, shape, length, and width of teeth relative to your face, skin tone, and white of your eyes to design a smile that the individual is proud of with confidence, in which reflects who they are.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is one of those expert dentists with over 30 years of knowledge, who has his attention to detail and providing rehabilitation and Aesthetic results for his patients.


This patients dental reconstruction process began with a focus on reinforcing the foundational health of the gums and bone structure. This was achieved through deep cleaning combined with antibiotic debridement, effectively eliminating inflammation in the surrounding areas. Once the gums were restored to health, root decay was addressed. Dental bonding was applied to the roots to alleviate sensitivity caused by gum recessions.

As an interim solution, the patient was provided with removable transitional veneers, known as snap-on veneers. These temporary veneers served two purposes: they enhanced the cosmetic appearance of the teeth and allowed us to evaluate the feasibility of raising the bite without causing discomfort in the jaw joints.

The comprehensive reconstructive dentistry was carried out under IV sedation to ensure the patient’s comfort. This approach was necessary since the process required three sessions, each lasting between four to five hours, to complete the treatment. The full-mouth rehabilitation included the application of dental veneers, porcelain crowns, veneer onlays or overlays, and porcelain bridges. The option of dental implants was considered; however, due to the patient’s insufficient bone density and the need for additional bone augmentation surgery, bridges were chosen as a preferable alternative. The patient was informed that if the porcelain bridges fail in the future, dental implant surgery could be the next course of action.

Custom coloring was used to achieve a natural, slightly whiter tooth appearance, in line with the patient’s request for a realistic look rather than an overly bright, Hollywood-style white. Additionally, the functionality of the teeth was meticulously checked, with improvements noted in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The patient was advised to wear a night guard to protect the dental restorations and ensure their longevity.

The result of this comprehensive treatment was a happy and confident individual, with both the aesthetic and functional aspects of their dental health significantly improved.



The patient sought a comprehensive solution for her dental concerns, which included gaps in her front teeth, sensitive areas with recessions, bite issues, crowding and misalignment of the lower teeth, and dissatisfaction with the shape and color of her teeth. Additionally, she suffered from pain in her jaw joints (TMD) and had outdated dental work that needed addressing.

To address these issues, we embarked on a full-mouth dental reconstruction. The initial phase involved deep gum treatment and teeth whitening. Composite bonding was then applied to areas of recession as a preparatory step before fitting full-mouth veneers and veneer onlays. Teeth whitening was performed prior to veneer placement. This approach, as emphasized by Dr. Mobasser, allows for a brighter tooth color while minimizing the alteration of the tooth structure and preserving more enamel.

A key stage in the treatment involved the use of temporary snap-on veneers. These were used to elevate the bite, serving as an interim solution to assess the relief of TMD symptoms associated with opening the bite.

The entire reconstruction process, including the application of dental veneers and veneer onlays, was completed over three visits. IV sedation was used throughout to ensure the patient’s comfort, as she preferred not to experience any sensations during the procedures. The final outcome was highly successful. All teeth were straightened and realigned, eliminating any previous misalignment issues. The patient was thrilled with the results, which not only enhanced the cosmetic appearance of her teeth but also restored full functionality. Most importantly, the procedure resolved her TMJ pain, contributing to an overall improvement in her dental health and quality of life.

Who Are The Top 10 Candidates For Dental Reconstruction?

The Top 10 Candidates for Dental reconstruction are as follows:

1. People with short teeth, who want their teeth to look longer, and show more teeth, to look youthful.

The reason for short teeth is due to parafunctional habits, such as grinding, or bruxism, acidity or gag reflex, and wear and tear due to age.

2. Bad Bite

A bad bite means that even though the patient does not realize any pain at present, the bite is causing interference on the individual teeth and slowly causing wear on the teeth.

Occlusal disease or a bad bite can also cause bone loss, gum recessions, consequently the reason for chips and fractures, causing unsupported enamel (which is the stronger outer layer of teeth), loose teeth, space openings, gaps, and food impaction between teeth.

3. Missing Teeth

It is important to know that the back teeth support the front teeth. Back teeth root form and bone structure is designed to chew food properly and do not let the front teeth touch upon chewing, (the front teeth are designed to tear food and aid in phonetics, not chewing!).

If there is wear on your back teeth, the balance of your bite is shifted, causing trauma, to the front teeth, causing chipping or cracks on your front teeth, causing the unsupported outer layer of front teeth, exposing the second layer which is dentin, in which dentin is not as strong as enamel, and much softer, causing teeth to get shorter,(PROTRUSION ) OF THE TEETH) or flaring of the front teeth.

4.Crooked Teeth

Many times patients with crowded teeth want their teeth to look straight, to be in harmony with their lip line but does not want to go through orthodontics and braces, (although orthodontics might be the best solution).

Individuals undergoing full mouth reconstruction can get straight teeth, there is the possibility of a coordinated effort of the dentist with an Endodontist, due to intentional root canal being done to straighten a tooth with porcelain restoration.

5. Discolored yellow teeth with a wide smile (ear to ear)

Patients that show a lot of teeth due to their bone and lip structure, but do not like the color, shape, length, can benefit from full mouth reconstruction, or full mouth dentistry.

6.Bulimic or Anorexia

Causing severe loss of enamel (the strong outer layer of teeth), due to high acidity, eating away enamel, and erosion of the dentition with exposed dentin (the softer layer), making teeth to be damaged!

The damaged teeth structure can be substituted with a designed strong porcelain structure to remedy the breakdown.

7. Severe Teeth Decay or advanced cavities

Due to holes, cavities, and decays on many teeth, causing a shift of balance, damaging the vitality and original structure of teeth, causing domino effect to the nerve of teeth, bite, bone causing imbalanced bite, and further breaking down the healthy teeth, due to imbalanced forces of the occlusion (bite).

8. TMJ/TMD/Neuromuscular Disorders

People with jaw pain, muscle pain due to hyperactivity of the muscles of mastication (chewing), can be a candidate to have full mouth reconstruction done.

9. Periodontal Disease

Individuals with gum disease or lack of adequate bone support, can be a candidate to have full mouth reconstruction, by splinting teeth together (making the loose teeth as one force ) so the roots of the loose teeth can withstand the forces of their occlusion (bite), and the teeth do not get looser or have spaces between the individual teeth.

10. Age or Trauma

As an individual gets older, due to wear and tear or who did not have proper care, or due to unfortunate accidents have lost or traumatized the original teeth, and want to look at their best with healthy teeth structure, are certainly candidates.

Los Angeles Dental Reconstruction Care
Patient After Full Mouth Reconstruction

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Reconstruction?

Top 10 benefits of having dental reconstruction are as follows:

1. You turn back time, you get a Younger-looking Smile, a more youthful dream smile.

2. Boost confidence, and being proud of your smile, improves one’s image!

3. Knock out a “sexy Smile” that matches your face, lip structure, and your character.

4. Makes you complete.

5. Improving the Jaw joint clicks, and possibly headaches.

6. Improving your oral health, by having a balanced bite, improving the structure, health, and strength of your teeth.

7. Improving your systemic health (overall health of your body), reducing the risk of heart disease, and gastrointestinal problems.

8. Improved sleep and rest.

9. Improved concentration.

10. Improved form and function of the masticatory system, peace of mind.

What qualification should the Reconstructive Dentist have, and what questions I should ask, before performing dental reconstruction?

Since the individual is trying to rehabilitate the full mouth, not all dentists want to do full mouth dentistry, especially when Reconstructive and Cosmetic dentistry needs additional training and most importantly experience, as far as handling the patient’s needs and comfort.

Your best bet is to see if the dentist is one of the top reconstructive dentists in the area.

What Questions to Ask When Choosing A Reconstructive Dentist?

1. How long have you been performing cosmetic and dental reconstruction procedures?

2. How many times have you performed reconstructive dentistry procedures? Is that what you do most of the time? Or sometimes?

3. What are the pros and cons in my case of wanting a rehabilitation dentistry procedure?

4. What are the risks and benefits in my case?

5. Are there any other options I may have?

6. How many of your patients had to redo, revise, or correct this procedure again?

7. May I review before and after pictures?

8. Do I have any choices regarding performing the full mouth reconstruction procedure via IV sedation, oral sedation, or with the help of an anesthesiologist so I do not feel anything?

9. Does the reconstructive Dentist has his own master ceramist? and does he provide custom work on the color and shape of this specific procedure?

10. Are my hard tissue and soft tissue (Bones and gums) in satisfactory health before I start Full mouth reconstruction or dental reconstruction? (Periodontal disease can compromise the final outcome of any cosmetic procedure!)

11. How many visits and how much time are required to complete the dental reconstruction?

12. Are there any further costs besides the costs of the procedure itself?

13. How do I maintain my reconstructive dentistry investment?

14. Are there any compromises as far as my dental health (my roots, my gums, and my bone) that I should be aware of? Do I need clearance from my physician to start full mouth rehabilitation?

Before and After Dental Reconstruction with Emax Porcelain

What Needs To Be Done Before considering Having Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The top 10 Evaluation needed by the reconstructive dentist, are as follows:

1. What was the root cause of the breakdown in the individual’s oral health, cosmetics, and function?

2. The full mouth reconstructive dentist needs to check the bone level, height, and width (The Hard Tissue).

3.The full mouth reconstructive dentist needs to check gums and the symmetry on the gums.  Are they healthy or diseased? (The Soft Tissue).

4. Need to check the bite, and have bite analysis done, is the bite balanced or the individual is chewing mainly on one side.

5. The Dentist needs to check the alignment of individual teeth. Are the teeth canted? Is one side longer than the other, do they have the proper axial inclination.

6.The full mouth reconstructive dentist needs to check the muscles, are they hyperactive, or trismatic?

7. Check the TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint) in regard to health or disease.

8. The full mouth reconstructive dentist needs to check the color, and size of the teeth, and measure the width, length ratios of individual teeth, and if the dentist is using dental golden proportions (Da Vinci’s principle of golden proportion).

Da Vinci’s golden proportion is always found in nature, and it is an amazing tool for plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists to apply for natural proportions.

9. The full mouth reconstructive dentist needs to check face and lip structure, Dr. Anthony Mobasser says that “The beauty of the upper teeth is when the upper teeth follow the lower lip line curvature!”

10. The full mouth dentist needs to evaluate for any damaged nerves, failing root canals, infection, or thermal sensitivity to hot/cold, to evaluate the possibility of needing Endodontic treatment.

At the same time, the gum and bone architecture are important prior to starting treatment.

What procedures are used in performing Full-mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction can consist of the use of the following procedures, but not limited to:

1. Porcelain veneers or dental veneers, or Porcelain Laminates, with different strength porcelain materials, such as Emax, Feldspathic, Lava, or Zirconia depending on cosmetic and function.

2. Porcelain inlays or onlays.

3. Porcelain crowns, using Lava, Emax, Zirconia porcelain, Porcelain fused to metal (Gold, semi-precious, non-precious), all-ceramic crowns
Ips empress, IPS Emax, Procera, Occlusal Gold crowns.

4. Porcelain bridges again using, Lava, Emax, Zirconia porcelain, Porcelain fused to metal (Gold, semi-precious, non-precious), all-ceramic crowns, IPS Empress, IPS Emax, Procera, Occlusal Gold.

5. Implant dentistry, Titanium implants, or Zirconia implants.

6. Veneer onlays or Veneer overlays.

7. Orthotic appliances.

8. Periodontic and possibly Endodontic therapy.

9. Custom colors, and shaping, digital photos to match the color to your skin tone, white of your eyes, and personality type.

10. Dental bonding and possibly dental bleaching prior to commencing Full Mouth Reconstruction.

How long does Full Mouth Reconstruction Lasts?

It really depends on two things:

1. How compromised was your case, to begin with? And which expert dentist is performing your dental reconstruction?

2. How well do you take care of your teeth? And if so, do you follow up on your periodontal and cosmetic maintenance visits?

Having said that, I have seen my cases that have been doing great and functioning properly for 32 years, and also have seen cases that needed to be partly redone in 7 to 8 years. Please understand that there is no guarantee on how long the full mouth reconstruction lasts. Know that nothing lasts forever.

Tetracycline Teeth Dental Reconstruction Before and After

Before and After Full Mouth Reconstruction

Does Full Mouth Reconstruction involves other specialty Dentist?

The answer is yes in many cases.

The reconstructive dentist is usually the captain if you will, and certain damages to your jaws require the cooperation of expert specialty dentists, and if need be visits to Periodontist ( gum surgeon ), Oral surgeon (in regards to bone and joints, and need of implants), Endodontist (in regards to damaged nerves) and possibly Orthodontist, for repositioning of teeth, (possibly due to root proximity) roots close together, prior to starting the treatment.

It is the responsibility of the Reconstructive Dentist to determine if the cooperation of any other specialist is needed to give you the best possible results.

How long does it take to have Full-mouth Reconstruction done?

Depending on the severity of your mouth, and the diseased structure can take 3 weeks up to 6 months, in terms of visits to the reconstructive dentist it can take as little as 3 to 4 visits, and possibly more.

The need for full mouth comprehensive Evaluation is a must!! And all questions after full mouth evaluation can be addressed by the Reconstructive Dentist. In my practice, however, those visits are longer visits requiring 4 to 5 hours and breaks for the patient appropriately.

How much does Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost?

Depending on the complexity of the case, each full mouth reconstruction can have a different cost. Also depending on the experience of the reconstructive dentist, there is a wide range of costs in completing the full mouth reconstruction, again depending on the complexity of the case, the time factor, and the comfort of the patient.

It is best to see Dr. Anthony Mobasser for a complete full mouth evaluation first, and a one-on-one consult with him to go over your needs and wants and of course the price.

Before and after dental reconstruction to treat deep overbite, was done using porcelain veneers, veneer overlays to open the bite and occlusion. Cosmetic dentistry is part of dental reconstruction, that Dr. Mobasser offers to his patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles CA.

Not all root cavities on the lower right and lower left must be first be treated in combination with gum treatment, prior to starting dental reconstruction. The patient could not be happier due to the change of functioning occlusion, and cosmetic dentistry accomplished with the dental reconstruction procedure done.

Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles
Before Dental Implants
Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles
During Implant Procedure

during Dental-Implants

After Dental-Implants

Dental Reconstruction was done in a combination of Dental implant, porcelain veneers, and crowns

Teeth reconstruction before after pictures show tooth implant laboratory procedure, placement of pink gums, to correct the length of the tooth, preparation for porcelain veneers, in combination with a dental crown, all matching color to have a pleasing natural smile.

Before and After Full Mouth Reconstruction

Before and After Dental Mouth Reconstruction with Emax crowns and Veneers

Before and After Full Mouth Reconstruction

cosmetic dentistry los angelescosmetic dentistry los angeles
cosmetic dentistry los angeles
cosmetic dentistry los angeles
cosmetic dentistry los angelescosmetic dentistry los angeles
Synopsis for Four Above:
Patient not happy with shape and color of teeth, smile looked tired and worn out. Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Los Angeles turned an average smile into a red-carpet-ready smile.
Dr. Mobasser performed a cosmetic dentistry lift, by using Dental Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain overlays. Instant orthodontics was done with the transformation of color to natural white.
The worn-out bite was rehabilitated by raising the bite and occlusion to the ideal position. The results are after 26 years in the patient’s mouth and still functioning well. The patient is ecstatic due to compliments on his unique smile.

Porcelain VeneersPorcelain Veneers

Synopsis: Perfect Imperfection: Patient presented with discolored teeth, fractured teeth, old dental bonding turned brown to yellow, did not like the shape of teeth, TMJ problems, due to worn teeth, wanted full-mouth restoration and reconstruction.

All teeth were restored, the bite was rehabilitated, used porcelain dental veneers, to reconstruct teeth and bite. The patient was so happy!

Dental Reconstruction Procedures, Before and After – Lasted 30 Years

cosmetic dentistry los angelescosmetic dentistry los angeles
cosmetic dentistry los angelescosmetic dentistry los angeles
cosmetic dentistry los angelescosmetic dentistry los angeles
cosmetic dentistry los angelescosmetic dentistry los angeles
Synopsis for Four Above:
Patient wanted Cosmetic Dentistry with Dental Reconstruction only with Dental Veneers in Los Angeles. Patient traveling from Germany to get the treatment done in a week. The patient extremely apprehensive, wanted all procedures to be done under IV sedation, during COVID19 time.
The patient had worn out teeth, sensitive roots and recessions had acid erosion, and collapsed bites, chipping his teeth constantly, dental bonding would not stand the forces of his clenching and grinding. He did not want crowns, and he wanted minimal prep dental veneers.
Full mouth dental veneer reconstruction was done in a week by our veneer specialist using ultra-thin dental veneers to do all his mouth! The patient was ecstatic after completed treatment.

Before and After Dental Reconstruction with Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

Patient Before and After Full Mouth Reconstruction After 33 Years – Patient Wanted A New Smile With Longer and Whiter Teeth Than His Original Teeth

Full Mouth Los Angeles Dental ReconstructionLos Angeles Dental Reconstruction

For more information or to book an appointment for dental reconstruction in Los Angeles please call Dr. Anthony Mobasser at (310) 550-0383.