Smile Makeover in Los Angeles

Smile Makeovers and designing flawless smiles is Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s specialty and passion. With over 30 years of experience serving patients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and his celebrity crowd all over the world who fly to come to see him. Per Dr. Mobasser, a Smile Makeover can redefine the contours of Reconstructive and Restorative Dentistry with today’s significant advancements in equipment, technologies, and materials.

Of course, the eye and artistic ability of the dentist to design a smile to match the person wanting is invaluable. Since time is a valuable commodity for everyone, in most instances your new smile can be crafted by Dr. Mobasser in as little as one week. If you are looking to achieve a smile makeover with life-changing results, schedule a free consultation with celebrity dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

Smile Makeover Synopsis:

This patient came from Los Angeles seeking a transformation to address her dental concerns: discolored teeth, failed dental bonding leading to recurrent decay, deep root decay under the gums, and dissatisfaction with her gummy smile.

She wanted to correct fractured, chipped teeth and achieve a more youthful smile with natural white teeth. The treatment began with a comprehensive evaluation, including X-rays, impressions, and bite analysis, to identify the root cause of her dental issues and select the best materials for durable results. Following diagnosis, gum treatment was initiated to ensure a healthy foundation.

All root decays beneath the gums and recurrent decays were treated with composite bonding. Bite analysis influenced the choice of EMax porcelain and feldspathic porcelain for the smile makeover, due to their superior properties compared to Zirconia porcelain.

A combination of dental veneers, porcelain crowns, onlays, and overlays was employed to create a vibrant, natural white, fuller smile. The cost of a smile makeover in our Los Angeles cosmetic dental office varies based on the initial condition and required procedures, with composite or dental bonding being more affordable than ceramic or porcelain options. However, a consultation with Dr. Anthony Mobasser comes without a charge, so you will know fully what your treatment will cost prior to any work being performed. 

Smile Makeover in Los Angeles: Before & After


In Los Angeles, a city where appearances are everything, this patient came to Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s office seeking a smile transformation. She was troubled by discolored, decayed teeth, a gummy smile, and the impact these issues had on her confidence. After a thorough evaluation, including X-rays and bite analysis, we embarked on a smile makeover journey.

Gum health was our first focus, treating root and recurrent decays to prepare a strong foundation. We chose EMax and feldspathic porcelain for their aesthetic and functional benefits, crafting a combination of veneers, crowns, onlays, and overlays to achieve a natural, vibrant smile.

This comprehensive approach, tailored to her unique needs, not only addressed functional issues but also fulfilled her desire for a youthful, confident smile. At our office, the journey to a smile makeover varies in cost, reflecting the personalized treatment plan designed for each patient. This patient’s transformation exemplifies how dedicated, patient-centric care can dramatically enhance one’s smile and confidence.

smile makeover before

smile makeover after

Before and After Smile Makeover in Los Angeles

What is a Full Smile Makeover?

A Full Smile makeover involves performing multiple cosmetic procedures to achieve and enhance your beauty and appearance and give you a confidence booster. It is not beautifying only 6 front teeth, it involves cosmetic reconstruction of your full smile, some show 10 upper and 10 lower teeth some show 12 teeth on each arch. A full smile makeover corrects the color, alignment, shape, and depends on lip form, to bring in Macro aesthetics (what as a whole smile and teeth appear to others), and Micro Aesthetics (the beauty of each individual tooth).

How long does a Smile Makeover last?

Good question, it depends on which cosmetic dentist is doing it. Is the foundation and health of the teeth being intact, and how conservative (preservation of your enamel) the cosmetic procedures are being done. For example, Porcelain restorations will outlast bonding restorations. With proper care and regular dental checkup and cleanings, 10 to 20 years sometimes a lifetime. All these are also related to function, and parafunctional habits such as grinding, bruxing, and acidity in the saliva. Everyone is unique and life expectancy differs from one individual to other.

What Kind Of Procedures are Used In Smile Makeover?

Porcelain veneers, composite resins, porcelain crowns, implant dentistry, dental bridges, orthodontic procedures, Invisalign, and other Full Teeth Makeover procedures are used in a variety of extremely creative combinations and those applications are determined by the needs of the patient.

Who Is Considered The Best Smile Makeover Dentist?

The Best Smile Makeover Dentist must have an eye for beauty, and great dexterity and vision to accomplish the end goal. Such extreme makeover dentists must take into consideration multiple factors such as the health of the teeth and their existing restoration vs the final outcome and what the patient wants her smile to be, prior to commencing a Smile Makeover. How many restructures has she or he done?

How much experience the dentist has? And how long did the full procedure last? Does he use a master ceramist using Da Vinci’s golden proportions to design his smiles? Is the dentist detailed enough in regard to the shape of the face and lips; the gum line; the color of existing teeth; the angulation of existing teeth; the arch form; the length-to-width ratio of the teeth; and the skin tone of the individual?

Well-trained and tenured Top Reconstructive and Cosmetic Dentists such as Dr. Anthony Mobasser are becoming a part of an elite group of cosmetic dental makeover specialists, capable of creating or recreating what was once considered impossible.

Full mouth Teeth Makeover dentists typically have substantial experience in enjoying the challenges of comprehensive dental rehabilitation. Those doctors who have the strongest track record of achieving the best results for their patients, in terms of dental function and cosmetic results, tend to have the best access to advanced procedures, equipment, and dental components.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is considered to be the go-to dentist for Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood crowds when it comes to the best Smile makeover dentist. He has completed over 1000 full mouth cosmetic procedures with success lasting over 32 years.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s dental practice is a perfect place for Extreme Makeover dentistry, using Veneers, Veneer Onlays, 3/4 Crowns, Lumineers, Dental Implants, or Snap-on smiles (for interim Smile Makeover), to transform the smile.

The Cost of a Smile Makeover is usually not covered by Dental Insurance, and it is case by case. A complete full mouth Evaluation is necessary before determining the Smile Makeover Cost.

Look at Before and After pictures of Smile Makeovers. As noted below the smile can also be shaped differently to mimic the individual’s personality, besides giving the patient a fuller smile, or brightening the smile. Per Dr. Mobasser, a Cosmetic Dentist must tailor the teeth and smile to fit the individuals’ lips, face, and personality.

If you desire significant cosmetic improvement, then Los Angeles doctor Mobasser’s advanced expertise and understanding of makeover dentistry technologies can be the best choice for you. He uses various techniques or combinations of techniques to achieve your best appearance.

Dr. Mobasser has the artistic eye and talent for creativity in Extreme Makeover dentistry. The accomplished dentist is able to incorporate a variety of procedures and artistic perspectives to produce just about any imaginable degree of dazzle to your celebrity smile. These techniques can include Porcelain Veneers or Crowns, Dental Implants, Gum Recontouring, Bite Correction, etc.

At Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s Extreme Makeover practice, you get a variety of treatment plans tailored to your need to choose from, as well as all the information needed to make an informed choice.

How to fix an Awkward Smile with Smile Makeover procedures?

To fix your smile see an expert cosmetic dentist near you, so he can do his complete evaluation, after checking the form of your teeth, the color, the health of your gums, and your bite. After his evaluation, discuss treatment options you may have and the budget you can afford to get to your goal.

How to Fix my Smile?

First, you must have healthy gums and no infection, this is a must prior to any smile makeover.

Second is the restoration of any caries or defective fillings or leaking fillings.

The third step is bleaching teeth, to see if you are happy with the new bleached color, please be informed bleaching teeth is not permanent, bleaching teeth may not work on all teeth, and even after your teeth got white, unfortunately, due to acidity and stains in our food, bleached teeth can change color.

An expert cosmetic dentist will bleach teeth as a precursor to having further cosmetic dentistry procedures done. This is so that less tooth structure be removed in the event you may need veneers or bonding!

dental veneers after

dental veneers before

Before and After Smile Makeover in Beverly Hills

Note that bleaching teeth does not change the shape but only the color, so if you want to improve the shape of your teeth and want a stunning smile, you might need veneers or possibly crowns.

How to correct Overlapped Teeth?

If your teeth are severely misaligned, or you do have overlapped teeth, then there is the possibility that you may need Invisalign or Orthodontic treatment. If they are slightly misaligned or crooked, then the expert cosmetic dentist will inform you of your choices of treatment necessary.

Then possibly Lumineers, no-prep veneers, or porcelain veneers, in which your teeth need to be shaped, meaning about 0.5 to 1 mm removal of enamel to be replaced by porcelain to perfect the shape and color.

If you have slightly misaligned teeth, dental veneers can improve that! The veneers are strong porcelain material, and they do not change in color.

Depending on your bite, in some cases the expert dentist may want to choose dental bonding for you, they are generally less pricey than porcelain veneers, however, they can stain, or chip more readily. You may need a nightguard appliance regardless!

How much does a smile makeover cost?

A smile makeover usually depends on how many teeth show upon a wide smile. In Cosmetic Dentistry term is called your smile line, and most people show at least 8 to 10, both the upper and lower teeth.

If your smile makeover is done by an expert cosmetic dentist, the starting price is 35K to 40k, per arch, and can go depending on the smile designer and the complexity and desirability of each case.

Depending on how many teeth are involved, the color, the spaces, alignment, function, and bite, smile makeover costs vary. For instance, to do a smile makeover for 2 front teeth with spaces, needing bonding is not that costly compared to having 10 front upper teeth and 10 front lower teeth with Crowns and Veneers. To have a smile line only corrected with Veneers vs Full Mouth Smile Makeover (all teeth involved), the cost will differ tremendously.

It is best to see Dr. Mobasser for a Complete Evaluation, so the cost of what you want will be determined. A simple Smile makeover can cost around $2000 and can go up north of $100k for upper and lower teeth cases.

Of course, after a full mouth comprehensive evaluation, you will know all the options, pros and cons risks, and benefits prior to starting your smile makeover appointment.

How to fix a Gummy Smile?

Look at “the Gummy Smile” before and after picture, Dr. Mobasser’s Smile Makeover procedure, involved gum lifting, recontouring of the gum line, and a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns, to make the upper front teeth longer and straighten the lower worn out teeth, to give the patient a younger smile and a cosmetic lift, with porcelain veneers.

The smile makeover procedure was used for front teeth to make the short, worn out teeth, longer, close the gap, and brighten the teeth and smile with Porcelain Emax Veneers!

before porcelain veneers

after porcelain veneers

Before and After With  Instant orthodontics

How To Do Instant Orthodontics For Crooked Teeth?

Instant Orthodontics for Crooked or worn-out teeth, was accomplished for the individual above picture. Some patients want to have their teeth straightened without braces, and basically do not want to undergo orthodontics for 3 to 5 years and in the end, come and get veneers done to change the color and shape of their teeth. In the before and after Instant Orthodontics, the teeth were straightened using porcelain veneers for proper alignment and bite.

The procedure requires an experienced cosmetic dentist to reshape the teeth judiciously, so they do not require Endodontics or root canal, and at the same time, porcelain veneers are actually placed to straighten, change shape, color and conserve as much tooth structure, rather than grinding the teeth down and placing crowns over them. The price of instant orthodontics done in a week; vs 5 years is priceless!

Before and After

Our Los Angeles Smile Makeover practice is also available when one tooth in the front requires perfection. As you can see the patient was happy with the existing color of the teeth, however, the imperfections on the front tooth were the chief complaint.

Dr. Mobasser uses his Beverly Hills master ceramist to deliver a perfect smile, even if it requires one front tooth. Notice the exact match of shape and color.

Dr. Mobasser is considered to be one of the best Smile Makeover dentists with over 30 years of knowledge in smile designs. His core objective is to find out the root cause of the problem and the patient’s needs, then give the patient what they want.

Look at the before and after pictures, worn-out short front teeth were rejuvenated in his Beverly Hills smile studios. The patient could not be happier with the smile makeover and at the same time correcting the overbite and getting a healthy foundation. The result is priceless.

Smile Make over Los Angeles
Smile Make over Los Angeles
Smile Make over Los Angeles

Your makeover may need procedures such as veneers, porcelain crowns, and possibly tooth implant or a combination of many different cosmetic dentistry procedures to achieve a life-changing result and gorgeous smile.

In certain areas in which the gum lines are not even, and there is an asymmetry in the gum levels, and the patient does NOT want to have a corrected gum surgery procedure, the use of PINK porcelain is useful so it corrects the gum asymmetry.

Before and After Transitional Smile Makeovers

Celebrity Dentist Before & After Smile Makeover

Before and After Smile Makeovers

Dental Reconstruction Before

Dental Reconstruction After

Extreme smile make over beforeExtreme smile make over after

Cosmetic Smile designs are individualized to patient needs, Some patients do not want all teeth to be symmetrical but want the concept of IMPERFECTA PERFECTA, meaning all teeth are not like piano keyboards, and actually some imperfections make it look more natural. In the smile above such a concept was utilized, and the patient could not be happier.

In the above smile makeover design, porcelain veneers in combination with the porcelain bridge on the left side were used to give imperfecta perfecta concept.

Prior to a smile makeover and designing an attractive smile the foundation of each individual tooth must be considered, all the cavitation, decays, gum inflammation must be corrected.

The width to length ratio of 75% must be considered in addition to the 1.6 to 1 to 0.6 ratio of the width of central incisor width to lateral incisor to the canine tooth. The occlusion and bite must be considered prior to design to make sure the bite will not be high, but balanced.

Look at the after picture of smile makeover when all points were considered to give the patient a flawless smile with some imperfections to mimic mother nature. Emax Porcelain was used in the above picture.

Smile Makeover


Smile Makeover


Smile Makeover

Notice in the before picture above:  The overlapped teeth, hypo calcification, and discolored teeth with red swollen gums. After 10 days the patient was so happy with the white pearly teeth all aligned correctly as if he had instant orthodontics.

The benefit is that no braces were worn, teeth were not moved to cause damage to the roots of the teeth, and a process of 3 years was shortened to 10 days in conjunction with the change of color to natural white teeth.

Below picture: Notice the need for gum contouring was needed to get the right proportion for length to width ratio of teeth, so the front teeth would not look too fat and wide.

Before and After Smile Makeovers

Smile MakeoverSmile Makeover
Smile MakeoverSmile Makeover
Smile MakeoverSmile Makeover
Smile MakeoverSmile Makeover
dental veneers before dental veneers after
dental veneers before
dental veneers after


The patient wanted a smile makeover with Dental Veneers and no Crowns! She wanted ultra-thin Veneers with minimal removal of tooth structure, Dental Veneer specialist Dr. Mobasser was able to accomplish this with his master ceramist in just 3 days, the patient traveled to get her teeth done from Europe, and stayed for a week in Los Angeles to get these superb results.

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