How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

Let’s face it, it’s expensive. But it’s well worth it. Cosmetic dentistry is usually elective, or a discretionary procedure, that we do to enhance patients’ smile. We talk about cosmetic dentistry which is the host of many many different procedures.

It could be anything from bleaching, to dental bonding, or it could be veneers, lumineers, smile makeover, or actually doing a full mouth reconstruction with implants. Now as far as the cosmetic dentistry goes, once you pay attention to the micro aesthetics and macro-aesthetics.

Micro aesthetics is basically when the cosmetic dentist pays attention to details of each individual teeth, as far as the shape goes, the length goes, the width goes, and the alignment of the teeth. But the macro-aesthetics is basically looking at the whole creativity of the cosmetic dentist to bring a mediocre smile to a magnificent red carpet ready smile. So, how much they cost? Let’s go through the procedures. Bleaching usually starts around $750 and up. Then we’re talking about dental bonding.

Dental bonding, it’s a very conservative cosmetic dentistry procedure, I love it because it does not remove much from tooth structure, or sometimes can be added on. Those start from $850 and up. Now let’s talk about lumineers. Lumineers is kind of a porcelain ultra-thin layer that we add to the front of the tooth, and lumineers or no-prep veneers can range anywhere from $1750 and up.

Then we’re talking about porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers requires a lot of creativity, versus the lumineers. Lumineers are usually limited in aesthetics, because we are working on your own teeth, and we’re just adding something to the teeth, we don’t have the creativity of reshaping the teeth and mimicking what nature wants in proportion. So as far as the porcelain veneers, done by the best cosmetic dentist, they range quite a lot.

They can go from somewhere around $2000 and they can go all the way up to $6000, $7000, it depends who does it and what kind of care needs to be done as far as preparation of your teeth before placing the porcelain veneers.

Then after that the smile makeover. Usually on smile makeover, depending on how many teeth the patient shows, it can go from 10 teeth to 12 teeth, you want when you do smile makeover you just don’t want your front teeth to be done because when you turn to the sides you show more teeth. And I would say those run at least from $20,000 and up.

Then we come to a procedure called full mouth or dental reconstruction, which all the teeth needs attention in the micro aesthetics and the macro-aesthetics. The full mouth reconstruction requires not only the cosmetic dentist, it might require the periodontist, the Endodontist, and the oral surgeon. The periodontist takes care of your gums, the endodontist takes care of the nerves of the teeth if there’s any repair that needs to be done, and the oral surgeon deals with the bone and placing implants if you have missing teeth, Having said that, full mouth reconstruction is something that is individualized, we have to see the condition of the teeth, and we have to see how the teeth are aligned, in order for us to come to a number.

Right now, in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, I know the full mouth reconstruction starts from $50,000 and up, and it can go all the way to $250,000 to $300,000. As far as full mouth reconstruction, usually if the teeth are worn out, or there’s a lot of erosion on all the teeth, or if the patients are hurting from the TMJ symptoms, or what we call TMD, temporomandibular disorder, we can go ahead and put the whole teeth in function, and also give them the best result as far as the cosmetic. So it deals with both function and aesthetics.

Having said that, we have complimentary consultations in our office, in which I would come in and meet you, I do a cursory exam, I do take a lot of digital photos, and that’s not x-rays. After I have evaluated that, we’ll sit down and talk to see what’s first needed, and then go from there.

Usually my philosophy, is that after I have done a treatment plan I’ve got to make sure that the foundation of your mouth is in perfect order before I start doing any of the cosmetic dentistry procedure, and that’s the best thing you could do. You get what you pay for. And the cosmetic dentist, of course the best cosmetic dentist, their vision is to create something that makes you full of confidence, you feel great smiling, and the smiling is actually boosting your immune confidence. And don’t forget, your body is your temple.

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