Cosmetic Dentist in Malibu

Veneers continue to grow in popularity in terms of simple dental procedures to improve upon the appearance of teeth. Their relatively straightforward preparation and application process has made them the go-to for a lot of people, so should you consider getting veneers in Malibu?

cosmetic dentist in malibu

Who Are Porcelain Veneers For?

First of all, it’s always important to understand that, despite their general popularity, veneers in Malibu are recommended for very specific cases, some of which are:
Those with uneven spaces between the teeth in which food gets stuck often
Patients with worn out chipped, or fractured teeth
People with stained or slightly discolored teeth
Patients with misshapen or broken teeth
Those whose teeth are either too short or too prominent
People with crooked teeth

What to Expect From Cosmetic Dentist in Malibu 

Like with any cosmetic procedure, it’s always important to set your expectations early on so that you don’t end up disappointed if the procedure doesn’t perform a miracle on your dental structure. Veneers are a fairly simple procedure, which means that despite how effective it might be, they will have their limitations, some of which are:
Given how thin they are, veneers can only slightly improve upon the coloration of the teeth.
Veneers can reduce uneven spaces between teeth, but large gaps might need implants.
Since they are only prosthetics, there needs to be a functional tooth structure on which they can be applied.
Radical changes to dental alignment might need more reconstructive procedures than what veneers can do for these issues.

Getting Veneers in Malibu

You always want someone who knows what they are doing handling your medical treatments, but this will be particularly important when the results are going to be plainly visible on your face. That is why you should reach out to not just any cosmetic dentist to get veneers in Malibu but should, in fact, reach out to the best of the best. In this case, that would be Dr. Anthony Mobasser. Known in Los Angeles as the Celebrity Dentist, he’s the foremost expert in his field in the area. For more information about how he can help you or schedule a free consultation, give him a call at (310) 550-0383 or fill out the contact form on our website.