Lumineers in Los Angeles – An Alternative to Veneers

Lumineers in Los Angeles

We all wish that we had a perfect smile. We would love to look in the mirror each day and be thrilled with the way our teeth look. While some people can achieve the look they are happy with, others of us struggle to make our smile the way we want. Even if you brush regularly and floss and do the best for your teeth, you may have issues with staining from coffee or tobacco use, chips in your teeth that make your smile look imperfect, or gaps in your teeth you want to be fixed. For issues you are facing, you may want to consider seeing a cosmetic dentist to talk about the possibility of getting lumineers in Los Angeles instead of going for veneers.

Lumineers in Los Angeles are Less Painful

While porcelain veneers can certainly provide you with a great look, there are people that shy away from veneers because of the pain often involved in the procedures and treatment. For veneers to fit and look correct, your teeth may need to be reshaped. If you have damaged or broken teeth, drilling may be necessary, requiring you to get shots to numb the pain. Lumineers are easily applied over your teeth and do not require any modifications of your teeth.

Lumineers in Los Angeles

Lumineers are Quicker

Another of the advantages of choosing lumineers in Los Angeles over veneers is that the process of putting the lumineers in place is much quicker than if you were having veneers placed in your mouth. Veneers can take months to install in your mouth, and you may be required to get temporary crowns placed and then removed as the veneers become ready. Lumineers are often done in just a couple of visits, speeding the time where you can get the smile you want.

Talk to us about Lumineers in Los Angeles

The best way for you to learn more about the lumineers in Los Angeles that you can get is to contact us here at the dental office of Dr. Anthony Mobasser. Dr. Mobasser is a cosmetic dental surgeon that will spend time with you, discuss your options, and help you make the decision that will give you the best look. Call our office today at (310)550-0383 to make an appointment so you can begin to learn the ways that can help you get the perfect smile.

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