Dental Lumineers and Lumineers Cost

Lumineers have become more in-demand, especially due to their conservative nature of not touching the existing teeth, and just adding porcelain material to the front and the edge of your teeth. For the right candidate this type of smile transformation can be an effective way to achieve a uniform, beautiful smile. However lumineers are not for every body, and one must understand that the addition of porcelain layer to existing teeth can add bulk to your natural teeth. But who’s a good candidate for Lumineers? How much would lumineers cost?

What is a Lumineer or NO-PREP veneer?

Lumineers are cerinate porcelain done by Den Mat company and the thickness is claimed to be as little as 0.3 mm, but usually it is thicker. Lumineers are supposed to go over your existing teeth, without any reshaping done by your dentist. If any reshaping is necessary then they are not called lumineer or no prep veneers, they will be considered veneers which has a different fee structure that is higher than no prep veneers. The benefit of lumineers, or no prep veneers, for the patient is that they do not require any shots or anesthetics, no drilling or contouring is required by the lumineer dentist, and the end result is conservation of tooth structure, changing the shape and the color of your smile. Due to the contact lens thickness of lumineer, if you do have an existing dark, yellow color, do not expect the color to get to paper white, if you do not mind a little bulkier tooth. The thinner the lumineer, the more your existing color can show, and it can not be hided by very thin layer of lumineer.


With lumineers you can not change the color of your dark teeth to Hollywood white color! Why? due to the 0.5mm thickness of porcelain placed over your teeth, (no matter what) some of the existing shade of your teeth can pass through the porcelain!  Also you do not want the porcelain thicker, since your tooth will look bulkier. One point to consider: since your existing teeth are not drilled or contoured by the dentist, the neck of teeth will look wider and that can cause some gum irritation and problems. They can work well for patients who want their teeth just a little whiter, do not mind the bulk of material, and to certain extent their bite allows them to have no prep veneers. It is wise to consult Dr Anthony Mobasser to see if lumineers are for you.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Lumineers may be the answer to some of your dental issues. But are you a good candidate? Not every patient who wishes to alter his/her imperfect smile can undergo this procedure.

The existing color of your smile in conjunction with the alignment of your teeth, the gum architecture surrounding each tooth, the shape of your lips, the height, width of each individual tooth, and specially your bite and occlusion, will determine if you are a good candidate.


This cosmetic dental option is ideal if you have a healthy set of teeth, which you are satisfied with the alignment of individual teeth but you desire a little tweaking and a permanent lighter color. A thin layer of porcelain is placed over your natural teeth. Your teeth will only serve as a base. It is vital that your bite or occlusion allows that thickness of porcelain at the edge of your teeth and do not interfere with the rest of your bite. Due to the addition of porcelain the patient must understand that their teeth will look a little bulkier and thicker. Your gums must be healthy if you are a candidate for lumineers and your existing teeth must be checked for recurrent caries, old fillings, or cavities before you be ready to have lumineers. If your teeth are already misaligned, meaning there is crowding or they are in and out, you are really not a candidate for lumineer procedure since the end result will look much bulkier, and no one likes their front teeth to be bulky or look like Chiclets.

If your cavities, or puffy gums aren’t treated first they can worsen. Thus, Dr. Anthony Mobsser will first treat your tooth decay, or gum disease before placing the Lumineers or no prep veneers. Once you have placed lumineers, if you are not satisfied with the end results, taking them off is not that easy and there is charges that you will need to pay to the dentist, to remove them. Unfortunately on most cases part of your original tooth can be removed with removal procedure, and you need to seek an expert cosmetic dentist to that for you.

Another requirement to make you a good candidate for Lumineers is if you have a slight open bite, meaning a space between your upper and lower front teeth. Although Lumineers or no prep veneers are considered as “instant orthodontics,” they’re strictly for cosmetic issues. It means that underbites and overbites must be corrected first as they’re beyond the scope of this option.

You should not have a history of bruxism or teeth grinding. This habit is very damaging to your natural teeth. It can drastically shorten your Lumineers’ lifespan. Lumineers are thin. Thus, they’re more vulnerable to damage from bruxism.

You should see Dr. Anthony Mobasser to know if you’re a good candidate for Lumineers or no prep veneers. If you’re not a good candidate, other cosmetic dentistry services may be suggested. Dr. Mobasser will evaluate your overall dental health first before recommending Lumineers.

The Cost of Lumineers

The cost will depend on your dental condition and the other procedures that you may need to undergo before getting Lumineers. The average lumineers cost in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills done by a regular dentist is about $1500 per tooth, if done by an expert cosmetic dentist the price can go to $2000 a tooth or higher. The bonding procedure done to bond your lumineer or no prep veneer is very critical, and that is where the price difference starts.
Dr. Anthony Mobasser uses unique bonding procedures which very few other expert cosmetic dentists use, in which prolongs the life of your lumineer or no prep veneers, and you are less prone to get cavities or fractures once he uses his own special bonding protocol.

As regards to dental insurance, Lumineers are not covered by it as they’re considered as a cosmetic procedure.

Before Dr. Mobasser can give you a quote, he will first examine your teeth. He will help you decide whether they’re a good choice for your current situation and if they can correct the concerns about the appearance of your teeth.

Known as the celebrity dentist and the dentist to other dentists, Dr. Mobasser commands higher fees. With Dr. Mobasser, you’re not just paying for the procedure but also for his vast experience and expertise. His existing clients who underwent Lumineers have gotten more than what they have imagined. All of their efforts and spending were all worth it.

Call his private practice in the heart of West Hollywood, Los Angeles near Beverly Hills, to know whether or not you’re a good candidate for Lumineers or prep less veneers.

Before and after combination case of Emax lumineers and 2 front crowns:

Patient wanted to have fuller, younger smile. Did not like two front porcelain crowns. So Combination of Emax dental crowns with Emax lumineers was used to give the patient a younger, fuller smile, and turn a mediocre smile to a million dollar, carpet ready smile.

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Dental Lumineers and Emax Front Crowns Before and After

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Before and After Veneers Lumineers