How Seeing A Holistic Dentist In Los Angeles Can Improve Your Immune System?

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Your well-being starts in your mouth. It’s one of the reasons Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a holistic dentist in Los Angeles, is practicing holistic dentistry for more than three decades. He has seen and witnessed the dangers of amalgam fillings, and he is concerned about the toxins that some of the dental materials may contain.At his dental office in Los Angeles, he and his team ensure that their patients will enjoy the exceptional results they got after undergoing a dental procedure at his office.

Looking At Your Overall Health And Not Just Your Oral Health

As a holistic dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Mobasser looks at your overall health and wellbeing before he determines and identifies the best dental procedure for you. Keep in mind that any dental procedure can affect the rest of your body. He only wants to protect the natural balance of your body to avoid poor oral health, which can lead to a poor physical health. He will treat tooth decay right away so as to avoid complications. Did you know that gingivitis can lead to cancer if it is left untreated? That’s why Dr. Mobasser treats the cause of your dental issue, rather than focusing on the symptoms and masking them. In this way, your immune system won’t be jeopardized.

Safe Removal Of Mercury Filling

Studies after studies showed the harmful effects of a dental filling with mercury. As a holistic dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Mobasser offers a safe removal of amalgam. He and his team underwent extensive training on how to remove those fillings without exposing themselves and their patients to the dangerous mercury vapors.

Holistic Dentistry And Immune System Dentistry

If your mouth is filled with decays, it can affect your immune system negatively. Studies showed that mouth plaque could trigger chronic inflammation. It contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening illnesses. Oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream. When they do, they attract your vital organs causing a kind of inflammation. Dr. Mobasser, a world-renowned holistic dentist in Los Angeles, considers your overall health before recommending a dental procedure. He spent several years in studying nutrition and how it can affect his patients’ oral health and overall wellbeing. Sometimes, he suggests the kind of diet that his patients must follow to achieve healthy mouth and body. He also believes that if his patients have a strong, healthy immune system, they can respond well to dental work. That’s why he only performs dental procedures that are ideal for his patient’s body. His dental office in Los Angeles has been a mercury-free office for more than three decades. He only uses dental materials that are compatible with your body and they will never disrupt your immune system.

To know more about how Dr. Mobasser can improve your immune system through the dental procedures he offers, please make an appointment today at 310-550-0383