Benefits Of Choosing Sedation Dentist And Sleep Dentistry

Do you avoid going to your dentist because of fear? You’re not alone. Studies showed that dental anxiety is a common reason people don’t go to their dentist for dental checkup, cleanings and other procedures. But neglecting your oral heath will cause serious overall health issues. Soon, you may need more extensive treatments that require longer healing and time in the dentist chair. When you choose to visit a sedation dentist, you will receive a more efficient dental care than when you go to a regular dentist. The sleep dentistry services of Dr. Anthony Mobasser will make you feel relaxed and comfortable while undergoing a dental procedure at his spa-like dental office. Sedation dentistry is different from anesthesia because it uses a medicine that can work as an anti-anxiety drug and a sedative, so you will be at ease while Dr. Mobasser is treating you. Dr. Mobasser offers different levels of sedation. You can choose mild, moderate or deep sleep. He can help you determine which level of sensation is ideal for your case based on your medical background and dental needs.

Is It Safe?

Sleep dentistry is only safe if performed by a sedation dentist, like Dr. Mobasser. It is often recommended to patients with heart problems as it lowers their stress levels. Dr. Anthony Mobasser collaborates with a renowned anesthesiologist each time he performs a sedation dentistry. There’s also nothing to fear about sedation dentistry because his team of dental experts is well-trained to make sure that you will get the best service. For more than three decades, he and his team have performed thousands of dental procedures that involved sedation dentistry, and each of them was successful. Their patients always come back every time they need another procedure. They don’t want to risk their safety. They only want Dr. Mobasser, a sedation dentist expert, to provide them the dental procedures that they need to enhance their smile.


Many patients cancel or putt off a dental work because of dental fear, or their schedule won’t allow them to have multiple visits to their dentist. With sedation dentistry, you can complete your dental treatments in one or two visits. You will feel like the procedure has only been a few minutes when you’re already sitting in your dentist’s chair for hours.

Is Sedation For You?

The best way to find out whether or not it is ideal for you is to visit Dr. Mobasser’s office in Los Angeles. But before you do so, make sure that you have booked an appointment because he only sees his patients with an appointment. Call his office today at 310-550-0383