Who is Dr. Anthony Mobasser?

You can do a search in Google or ask your friends or family any time that you may be looking for a great dentist, and everyone will have their own set of recommendations, but you will not truly get a feel for what the dentist is like until you go to their office and meet the doctor for yourself.

While it is important to rely on recommendations of others to help you narrow things down, in the end, it is going to be your gut feeling, whether you connect to that particular dentist, how you were treated as an individual, and decide which dentist has the right chemistry with you, have most to offer you due to his expertise and is he the one that you can put your confidence, and trust in to do the right job?
That is why once patients meet and learn just who Dr. Anthony Mobasser is and what he is all about, they find themselves choosing him as their number one cosmetic and dental reconstructive dentist of choice. Your teeth deserve to be seen and treated by a top-quality celebrity dentist in Los Angeles.
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Dr. Mobasser Has the Experience and Credentials

Dr. Mobasser has been practicing dentistry in Beverly Hills since 1980 and Los Angeles since 1987. He received his D.M.D (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry) degree with the highest award from the University of Pennsylvania.

He has received countless recognition and awards from his peers throughout the years as one of the leaders in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry not just in the United States but all around the world. He is known nationally and internationally for his celebrity dentist in Los Angeles status since he has treated numerous celebrities in Hollywood and stars since 1980, around the globe to enhance their smile, and has received numerous best or top dentist awards, due to his contribution to the field of dentistry.

Dr. Mobasser has been at the forefront of full mouth dental reconstruction and dental reconstruction surgery with experience in working with thousands of patients over the years, including some of the top names in the business sector, government and artists of all types around the globe. He is known for his keen eyes, for what really looks great for his patients.

Dr. Mobasser’s Philosophy

His knowledge of using the least invasive procedure and making the outcome look awesome and last a long time is why patients want and trust him as their number one dentist. After four decades of practicing dental reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry, he has realized that less invasive treatment always yields longer-lasting results. The more preservation of your precious tooth structure, the more enduring the outcomes!

Before proposing a dental treatment, Dr. Mobasser envisions how long the restoration will last. Will it endure for 10, 20, or even 30 years? With this foresight, he approaches each patient’s oral health as if it were his own, determining the optimal method for treatment and restoration to achieve lasting results.

Dr. Mobasser does not believe in corporate fast dentistry, and his number one priority is to sincerely care and do the best quality he can to deliver to his patients, and does not like to attend to multiple patients while you are scheduled with him.

He has one thousand percent of his focus on you and your needs, and your privacy is of utmost importance.

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Treatments Offered by Dr. Mobasser

Dr. Mobasser provides a wide range of treatment options for patients to help them improve their smile and overall appearance while stressing the importance of dental and oral hygiene and health.

He has a full knowledge of the latest technology, tools and techniques used today and understands that there are many environmental and health factors today that can lead to problems of tooth erosion and dental decay.

He performs close and thorough examinations of each patient and listens intently to all concerns and questions to provide patients with a peace of mind that they are in the best hands possible to take care of their dental issues and have their mouth restored properly.

Dr Anthony Mobasser specializes in Cosmetic and Dental Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of mouth, He is president of Beverly Hills specialist network, in which he believes the patient should get the best of care needed, for that reason he does have a dream team of specialists in the field of Oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, and orthodontics. Dr Mobasser believes in total health of body and does practice holistic dentistry.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser takes great pride in the personalized care that he has been providing for his patients, so that he can devise the right strategies and the individualized treatment each patient wants and seek.

His motto is to treat each patient with the great respect and dignity that they deserve. There should be no question that when looking for the best cosmetic dentist available, the answer is Dr. Anthony Mobasser.