How Do You Choose the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser discusses the factors for considering the best Cosmetic Dentist for your needs.

If I was gonna choose it, I would go to a doctor, a cosmetic dentist that is confident, he is experienced, he has many years of practice under his belt, he has done multiple multiple cases, and you can see the before and after’s, and he is proud of his work and he’s very confident.

Saying that, the artistic ability of the dentist treating you, and his knowledge, is of vital importance. The aim of a cosmetic dentist is to turn an average smile, or a mediocre smile, to its potential level, to make it red carpet ready. It all depends on the condition of your mouth, of course, but you want to ask the dentist how many times he’s performed that cosmetic dentistry that you seek and you want to have.

Does the cosmetic dentist explain to you the pros, the cons, the risks, the benefits, and what are the contraindications, and what will happen if something goes wrong. A cosmetic dentist must be confident enough to make a split decision while they’re working. Does the cosmetic dentist rush you? Does he listen to you?

That’s the most important characterization of the cosmetic dentist, because by listening, he can create and form and give you what you want. This is the most important thing. Does the cosmetic dentist see one patient at a time, or he’s usually moving from one operatory to the other operatory. Does he spend time with you?

This is how you go ahead and choose the best cosmetic dentist around. Usually the best cosmetic dentist, they use master ceramist, and they’re in complete communication with the master ceramist and you, when they’re starting your case. The best cosmetic dentist is the one that will go ahead and treat your teeth like he’s working on his own or his family.

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