Why Do My Receding Gums Hurt?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, discusses pain associated with receding gums and other periodontal issues.

A lot of people ask me, why do my receding gums hurt? What is happening is that your gums are receding and your root is exposed to air to toothbrushing, and in the root area is where your nerve is, okay, and more you remove that part of the root, the more sensitive it feels like it’s your gums, but it’s the root of the tooth that is causing you problems. The root is softer than the top of your tooth, which is enamel.

The root is actually made of cementum or dentin. And even with toothbrushing, you can remove micro layers from your root structure and cause further problem, like indentation that is getting closer to the nerve of the roots. I do recommend treatment for that. If you have any root sensitivity, it is wise that you come and have a consultation with me. I will give you the options of treatment, and we can go from there.

Treatment for Early Periodontal Disease is usually Non surgical gum treatments , such as prophylaxis, root planning. and periodontal maintenance are indicated, surgical gum procedures such as gingevectomy, or gingival flap procedure surgery might also be indicated.

Treatment for Moderate Gum Disease is usually  surgical and non surgical or the combination of both, such as scaling and root planning, gingevectomy, gingival flap surgery ( gum surgery), osseous or bone surgery, and possible guided tissue regeneration procedures.

Treatment for Advanced Periodontal Disease or Advanced Periodontitis, is all the nonsurgical treatments initially, to evaluate the progression of change and then surgical gum intervention, via gingevectomy, , gum curettage, gum flap surgery, osseous or bone surgery, guided tissue generation, and bone grafting.

Bad Breath or Halitosis, can be the domino effect of what periodontal diseases cause !