What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

In this video, Dr. Anthony Mobasser explains full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction, as the name implies, consists of rebuilding of each individual tooth to its perfection. It requires establishing function, biting, and also the aesthetics on the smile.

Full mouth reconstruction is usually done on patients that have old dentistry or they have worn out teeth, where the teeth that they’re showing, they have chipped, or they have been worn out, and when they smile they don’t show that many teeth anymore.

Reconstructive dentistry is also used on patients with TMJ pain, with the joint pains, and also they have temporomandibular disorder, where they have a lot of tight muscles here, because of the change in the vertical dimension of the whole jaw.

Also full mouth reconstruction is done on people with lots of missing teeth, or shifted teeth, let’s say they had extracted a tooth but they never restored it, now they need to go ahead and restore it back, and they need lots of old fillings to be changed, or there are crowns that are leaking, they are not looking good anymore, they have lots of decay going on, and it’s not particularly on certain areas of their mouth, but it’s throughout the whole mouth.

Also patients with severe erosion due to the acidity in their mouth, they might require full mouth reconstruction, so basically what it is it’s a procedure where the reconstructive dentist goes in, first evaluates the teeth, each one of the teeth by themselves, and usually the procedure starts like that. We do a complete evaluation.

We come to a treatment plan. We discuss it with the patient. And then we’ll start the processes of doing the full mouth reconstruction. Number one is to make sure the foundation of your mouth is healthy. We go ahead and take care of the gums, and the surrounding structure like the bone, to make sure they’re good, when we go ahead and place a restoration on a good foundation, and a good healthy mouth, they last a long long time. It might involve endodontics.

Endodontics is, if there’s an infection around the nerves of the teeth, we treat it so there’s no problems. As far as the periodontics, we make sure that the gums’ architecture are perfect before going in and placing the restorations on them. And then the last part, is the reconstructive dentist goes in and reconstructs the whole mouth. It’s amazing and it’s very rewarding to get a mouth that functions well and of course is red carpet ready.

A lot of people love that, and a lot of people, they go crazy after this whole procedure is done. It’s not for everyone; we need to go ahead and evaluate if you’re a candidate for full mouth reconstruction. It takes a long time.

I would say usually when it takes, not long time, per say, but it takes 4 visits maximum where you come in one day, we go ahead and take care of the upper teeth, and the second visit we place all the restorations on the upper teeth, the third visit we go ahead and work on the lower teeth, and the fourth visit, we put in the lower teeth restoration, do adjustments to it, make sure your bite is perfect, and the aesthetics is phenomenal.

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