Common Issues

If you are between the ages of 40 and 60 years old, chances are that the enamel of your teeth is weakening and you are becoming concerned. You might be experiencing the following: gum recessions; root exposures in conjunction with sensitivity; stains are becoming harder to remove; bite shift and possibly bite collapse, with increased wear and tear, to name a few.
Worn-out Enamel: Over time, teeth enamel can wear down, due to parafunctional habits such as bruxing, grinding, chewing on ice, incorrect bite, or the acid caused by bacteria from leftover foods on the teeth. The result will be dull-looking teeth, cracked teeth, and a worsening bite. You can correct these issues with Veneers, either Porcelain or Dental.

Veneers (porcelain): in essence, these become the new outer layer.  They will disguise your worn teeth, and can give you a cosmetic lift. When crafted by a skilled cosmetic dentist they are virtually UNDETECTABLE. Dental veneers can chip due to traumatic force, but the advantage is that your precious teeth are protected by the veneer. After a complete bite analysis, one option may be the use of a night guard as an added insurance to prevent cracks on the porcelain veneers while sleeping. You really should treat the porcelain veneers just like your own teeth, and avoid chewing on ice or finger nails. Look at the Before and After pictures of veneers to get a feel for what’s possible.

Dark Stains and Discolorations : Years of function and wear & tear usually thins out your enamel (the outer layer of your teeth). So the next layer – your darker colored dentin – fills in, revealing yellowish-brownish teeth. Combined with extrinsic stains from coffee, tea, and food additives, this adds many unwanted years to your teeth. Whitening is the solution, however if your stains are intrinsic in nature – tetracycline stains, fluorosis, or deep white spots known as hypocalcification – bleaching teeth will not be effective. In this case the solution is to mask it with porcelain crowns or veneers.

Teeth whitening or bleaching: in-office or at home with custom trays, can certainly boost your smile. However the effect is often only temporary, depending on your habits and the thickness of the remaining enamel. Prior to teeth whitening it is imperative to have a thorough checkup to screen for any gum recessions, abfractions, sensitive roots, or defective fillings, which can complicate the process and/or cause extreme discomfort and sensitivity.

Worn out teeth – Bad Bite: It is possible that your teeth are shifted, and due to worn out enamel , your once balanced bite is experiencing breakdowns and interferences. For example your eye teeth are worn, or the edges of your teeth are getting more translucent and weaker, causing rough edges, and cracking. The solution is to have a complete bite analysis and a comprehensive exam with a cosmetic dentisistry professional who can then discus your options.

Full mouth restoration – reconstruction: this is the way to improve and balance your bite, and avoid further trauma to your teeth while also beautifying your smile and matching your teeth to your lips, skin color and your face. A full mouth restoration is a comprehensive approach to addressing your cosmetic as well as oral health needs.

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