What is Full Mouth Restoration?

What is Full Mouth Restoration Full Mouth Reconstruction Los Angeles

Our mouths are comprised of many different tissues, these tissues are soft and hard. Those soft tissues are ones that we commonly refer to as the gums, tongue and inner cheeks. The hard tissues are the jawbone and the teeth and they’re all connected through many different structures that hold all of it together through nerves and blood vessels. A healthy and function mouth heavily depends on these systems to worth together and if the balance is off, oral health becomes compromised. Reconstructive surgery can be the answer for replacing missing teeth, correcting jaw joints, faulty bites and the repairing of damaged teeth. If any of these procedures are needed and you are looking for a dentist that do the full mouth reconstruction Los Angeles, you can trust Dr. Anthony Mobasser to do the job.

Full mouth restoration is needed when there are multiple processes needed to be performed. This can include dental treatments like crowns, bridges, inlays, fillings or onlays. It can also mean replacing missing teeth or the placement of veneers as well as gum contouring. Full mouth restoration can be the correction of complications from TMJ or problems associated with teeth grinding. It can mean scaling, root planning, and periodontal surgery. It can also mean soft or hard tissue grafting, root canal therapy or multiple tooth extractions. Someone who is a good candidate for full mouth restoration is a person who has multiple oral health issues that are affecting most or all of their teeth. It also is a good idea for those that are having issues with the supportive tissues in their mouth who may require extensive oral surgery.

What is Full Mouth Restoration Full Mouth Reconstruction Los Angeles1

There are concerns for certain patients though, people who are dealing with illicit drug use are not a good candidate for full mouth restoration as well as those who cannot or won’t be able to maintain good oral health. Younger patients are usually more receptive to treatments and a quick recovery. Additionally, patients with autoimmune diseases or hearth issues may have to consult their doctor or make special consideration before going through with full mouth restoration. Lastly, smoking. Heavy alcohol use can also compromise a patient’s oral health and the positive effects of a full mouth restoration. The best way to avoid the need of a full mouth restoration is to try to maintain a healthy oral care routine that involves regular cleanings and check-ups. Getting ahead of your oral health practices can only reap rewards in knowing that your teeth are clean and healthy or preventing any gum disease that’s creeping in.

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