Adult Overbite Correction Without Any Surgery – Is It Possible?

Adult Overbite Correction

Adult Overbite Correction

Some of you may think that the only way to correct it is through surgery. With the advancement in cosmetic dentistry, however, an adult over-bite correction without any surgery is now possible at Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s office. Patients suffering from an overbite will have a small looking chin. That’s because the bite is pushed back making the chin looks smaller than the real size.Overbite correction is a regular treatment that Dr. Mobasser sees in his office. He offers innovative and top-notch overbite correction without his patients undergoing surgery. His procedure is safe and with wonderful, impressive result.

Never to Late |  Adult Overbite Correction Without Any Surgery

When it comes to adult overbite correction, it’s never too late to undergo it. Some patients thought that it’s a time-consuming, painful process. However, with the improvement in cosmetic dentistry, both adults and youths can have this procedure with the assistance of the best cosmetic dentist in LA. Dr. Mobasser has seen an increase in adult patients wishing to resolve their over-bite issues. To fill this demand, Dr. Mobasser has developed a less time-consuming solution. Patients can get relief from their overbite in weeks. Correcting your overbite isn’t only aesthetic, but it’s vital for your dental health. Adult overbite correction aligns your jaw to give you an even bite. As a result, your bite won’t stress any point or area of your jaw. Once this issue has been resolved, your problems with your TMJ pain and its associated headaches are also fixed.

Adult Overbite Correction Without Any Surgery

Why you should get treatment

Did you know that having misaligned teeth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease? And if it’s not treated, it could cause tooth loss. Correcting your over-bite will have a dual advantage. It doesn’t only enhance your site, but it also preserves the health of your teeth. The reason for this is that you can clean your entire set of teeth adequately. Dental hygiene task will no longer be that difficult. This treatment is customized to your needs. To define the nature of your problem, Dr. Mobasser will carefully study your condition. You’ll undergo a thorough consultation and examination with the Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry expert. Then, you’ll have to do a comprehensive physical examination to evaluate the overbite. After a complete, meticulous analysis of your problem, a customized treatment plan is provided. Dr. Mobasser has already treated hundreds of patients with this condition. If you wish to correct your overbite or underbite without having to undergo dental surgery, make a consultation today. But first, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mobasser as walk-ins are not allowed.

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