Should I get a Root Canal or Dental Implant? Dental Reconstruction Los Angeles

Dental Reconstruction Los Angeles

Root Canal or Dental Implant?

The question of Root Canal or Dental Implant therapy is often asked by patients. Holistic dentist in general are opposed to root canal therapy, but that is wrong! If the root canal be done by specialist, who is competent in Endodontics, the chance of failure is very little. Most holistic dentist are opposed to root canal due to possible failure, but now after 10 year research, the dentists have concluded that there is a 25% chance of Dental implants failure! That is huge number, since one out of four dental implants can fail.

Root Canal or Dental Implant

Save Your Tooth

Hands down anytime you can save your tooth, save it. After 35 years of dental reconstruction in Los Angeles, I have concluded that nothing is better than your own g-d given tooth. Save it! If the root canal fails you can go to dental implant as the last resource. However if a tooth is severely infected and there is not much bone support, and it is causing systemic health problem, then the option of bone grafting and dental implant should come in to the picture!

Dental Reconstruction Los Angeles

Lets also look at the time involved with having a tooth implant vs root canal therapy: Dental implant is a surgical procedure, assuming you have ample amount of bone, surgical placement is initiated at first visit and then after 3 to 6 months you are called back for second surgery to expose the implant and placing a healing cap, probably in 2 weeks after that assuming the tooth implant osseo integrated then you can commence with restorative aspect, which is additional 2 or more visits. As you can imagine if the tooth implant procedure went well you are still looking at a minimum of 4 to 7 months vs root canal in which the whole procedure can be done in one day, at most in 2 visit, max amount of time in between is a week, and then you can get the crown or the inlay onlay right after. So from start to finish maximum couple of weeks and you get to keep your own precious tooth!!

Dr. Anthony Mobasser

I advise to save your tooth as long as you can, specially if it is in the front of the mouth ( Smile zone). since implants can not mimic the aesthetic neck of the tooth as your original tooth, however if the tooth has root fracture or not enough bone support or a severe infection that can cause systemic problems, then the dentist should possibly consider tooth implant as the last resource. Book an appointment with the top dentist in Los Angeles today!

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