A Gold Standard Expert in Full Mouth Reconstruction

The celebrity cosmetic dentist, breaks down the work that goes into full mouth reconstruction, and who would be a viable candidate.

Dental reconstruction surgery can be a great choice for anyone who has suffered extensive damage to their smile.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction and What Are the Steps?

First of all, dental reconstruction or full mouth reconstruction is necessary for individuals who have lost their teeth, shifted teeth, missing teeth, or patients with really old, worn-out dental work that needs to be reassessed. However, it could be a combination of many things; it could be a cosmetic factor or a functional factor due to an unsymmetrical bite ( occlusion). 

In Cosmetic dentistry, the first step and most vital step is making sure that the foundation of the teeth is healthy. So, as far as the steps go, you will go see the cosmetic dentist or an expert reconstructive dentist. They are going to do a full mouth evaluation. After that evaluation, a treatment plan will be developed. The treatment plan will first make sure that the foundation of the teeth, meaning the gums and the bones, is healthy and the best it can be. 

After the gums and the bones are taken care of, you will go to the restorative phase. This might involve veneers, veneer onlays, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, dental bonding, and even tooth implant for missing teeth. All of these options are taken into consideration. You might need to have some temporaries made to check the cosmetics of the case and, if you like the smile, the reconstructive dentist will focus on the function and how the teeth come together for a balanced bite.

So, reconstructive dentistry is basically combining cosmetics and function together. The steps in the process might also involve the cosmetic contouring ( making gum architecture harmonious as it should be) of your gum lines to make sure that when you smile everything looks symmetrical. It also may involve making a wax-up of your existing teeth beforehand. The cosmetic dentist will be in communication with the lab and with you as a patient. The wax-up is going to be transferred into your mouth. You’re going to test-drive the new temporaries transferred from the wax-up for, going through different functions, and possibly add or remove from the temporaries. 

full mouth reconstruction

Then, from the ideal temporary wax-up, an impression is taken and poured, your dentist will go ahead and fabricate new full mouth restorations, such as veneers, veneer onlay, inlay onlays, bridges, crowns, and sometimes even bonding can be part of the reconstructive process. 

As far as the cost involved, it depends on the complexity of the case. Usually, full mouth reconstruction by nature means to do all your teeth. It doesn’t mean doing eight or ten teeth on the upper or eight or ten teeth on the lower. It does involve improving the overall cosmetic and function. So, if most of your teeth, if not all of them, are involved, you are looking at a more expensive procedure combined with a lot of ceramic work using a good ceramist (Dental technician crafting porcelain restoration) and of course your reconstructive dentist, to give you what you want.

In Los Angeles, CA, if an average dentist’s charge for each tooth is going to cost around $1,500 to $2,000, you’re maybe talking about $60,000 full mouth reconstruction from an average dentist. And this figure can increase 3 to 4 folds if done by an expert reputable ( an expert who has done more than hundreds of procedures successfully and has lasted a long time). Again know that, it depends on the experience of the dentist, the reconstructions that they have done and how long these have lasted, and, of course, the complexity of your case.