Will Teeth Be More Prone to Damage and Cavities with Veneers?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, discusses whether your teeth will be more prone to damage and cavities with veneers.

When we do veneers, actually the right type of veneers, we have to use the least amount of shaping your teeth. Usually that shaping is about .3 millimeters which is almost the thickness of your fingernail, if you can imagine that.

What we do, we bond that porcelain veneer or that ceramic to the front of the teeth. If it’s bonded right, you have nothing to worry about; actually that would make your teeth stronger and more protected. However, if for some reason there’s more tooth structure removed, and you have gone into dentine, there is possibility of problems, like veneers coming off, or getting cavities, or if the porcelain itself is not really sealed around where the doctor has shaped your teeth.

So, when it comes to answering your question if veneers are more prone to cavities, I would say no, it depends on who has put those veneers on, what strict protocol they used, and you’re taking care of it just like your natural teeth. Of course, you have to do excellent oral hygiene just like it’s your own teeth, you have to come to your dentist for your checkup, and taking care of your gums which is your foundation, and then you should be very happy you have done those veneers.

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