If I Only Get Veneers on my Top Teeth, How Do I Get the Bottom to Match?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser discusses options for matching your normal teeth to your new veneers.

In order for the colors to match I would recommend first, if you don’t like the color of your teeth, start with the bleaching. You can do home bleaching, tray bleaching, or power bleaching with the light. But that also depends, if there’s like micro-cracks only our teeth, or you have sensitivity, or you have any recession. But after that is done, do the bleaching, and see the desired color that you want to get to.

Now unfortunately, when you do one upper teeth all veneers, and don’t do the lower teeth, and you probably want to have a little bit lighter color, obviously, that’s why you want to get veneers done, of course, improve the shape; we can go ahead and do veneers on the maxillary arch or upper arch, where you show a lot of teeth, and then with the lowers we go ahead and bleach them, so they can match the color.

It’s not a guarantee; the best is always to do upper and lower together. But after that, when you put a nicer color on the upper, which is brighter, lighter, more vivid, we can go ahead and bleach the lowers.

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