How Long do Veneers Last?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser discusses the expected longevity of veneers.

I would say, depends who did it. It depends on the knowledge of your cosmetic dentist, and how many veneers he had done, how strict he was in conservation of your enamel, and basically, checking your bite before starting doing veneers. And of course, paying attention to the foundation of your teeth before starting the veneers.

According to the American dental association or American academy of cosmetic dentistry, veneers, they are quoting that they last around 5 years to 7 years. I’ve been blessed enough that I have done veneers about 30 years ago when they came out and they’re still in the patient’s mouth.

So, the thing is that how much your cosmetic dentist, before planning to prepare you for veneers, or redoing your veneers, has paid attention to your bite, the foundation of your teeth, the health of individual teeth, and have been conservative in preparation of your teeth.

In my practice, I’ve seen unfortunately some patients that they come into the practice since their veneers are just falling off after I would say 5 months, 6 months, sometimes they come out in two years, because the problem is that the teeth were prepared aggressively, and now you’re in dentine.

Once you’re in dentine, and you don’t have any enamel left, unfortunately you have to go from one stage to another stage, so after veneers comes crowns. We cannot add precious tooth structure once it is removed. So choosing the best cosmetic dentist to do your veneers is of vital importance, and of course somebody who has done them many many times.

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