Who is a Good Candidate for Veneers, and Who Is Not?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser discusses the situations in which an individual may be a good candidate for veneers.

Usually most people are candidates for veneers. Unless, there is not much enamel left on the teeth, and usually when does that happen – when there’s a lot of acidity in the mouth. The acidity in the mouth has caused all the enamel to be gone, so now we’re at the second layer which is dentine.

When you have dentine exposed, the porcelain veneers don’t adhere to the tooth very well. So that’s one of the contraindications, we have to make sure the acidity in your mouth has not worn out all the enamel. The other contraindication is that if you have a very heavy bite, and you don’t have any room for us to go ahead and put the veneers on.

There’s a contraindication when there is severely worn down teeth, and the patient shows very little of their teeth when they smile, and you just want to do 5 or 6 veneers to show more teeth. Right away those are going to fracture.

We need to do much more work for that, that means the bite has worn down all your teeth, and you don’t want to just bite on 6 teeth, because the 6 teeth that you do veneers on can fracture. You want to do basically a symmetrical bite, you want to have a good equilibrium in your bite, and not bite on those few veneers. So that’s coming to a realm of having full mouth reconstruction done.

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