Will I Need Gum Contouring for Veneers?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser discusses which cases potentially need gum contouring before getting veneers.

Usually and generally not. But there are some instances where the gums are not symmetrical together, and, let’s say your two front gums are way lower than the other two gums next to the two teeth, on those cases I highly recommend that you get gum contouring done to get the architecture right, because when we finish veneers we finish right to your gum line, and if one gum line is usually lower than the other gum line the other tooth will look longer.

Saying that, there are many patients that say no, no, I’m okay with it, but they don’t understand, that once we put veneers on, it’s permanent, and we can’t go ahead and go back and do gum contouring on the prepared teeth, if the veneer has been placed then you need a new veneer.

The best is to listen to your cosmetic dentist, in most cases when we do veneers, we’re turning the color lighter. When we turn the color lighter, the difference in gums actually shows more, and this is one thing that most of the patients don’t realize. And the best thing again is come in, let’s take a look at your teeth, see first of all if you’re a candidate for porcelain or dental veneers, and then after that I’ll discuss fully with you the pros and cons if you need to do any kind of gum contouring.

But generally saying, no, you don’t need any gum contouring. Some cases where you smile and we classify this as a gummy smile, where you show a lot of gums, there is a possibility that we go ahead and do some gum contouring, or there are certain instances where we bring the lip down, and the results are amazing. We classify those gummy smiles to initial, moderate and advanced, and for each procedure, depending where you are, we have different resolutions for it and different types of procedures. Just come in and we’ll sit down and go over it and I’ll tell you all the pros and cons.

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