Will Veneers Stain Easily with Things like Coffee and Tea?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, discusses the tendency of veneers to stain with things like coffee, tea, and wine.

Actually veneers should not stain at all, because they are a very polished surface, okay, and it is made in the laboratory, it’s just like glass. If you had a composite veneer, that’s a possibility of staining because usually composite material are porous material, which they’re not as shiny as the porcelain material.

So, as far as the question, do they stain, I would say no, however some people think theirs are staining, let’s say they’ve had their veneers for 20-25 years, and they had some gum recession for instance, where the gum on the upper has gone up, or on the lower has come down, but the veneers are still in place, they see the champagne color or the dark color of the root and they think, oh, why is this showing that way – that’s because the gum has gone down.

I would stick mostly with porcelain veneers, and I have many requests of some of the patients that come in that they had their veneers done and now they want me to reshape them. When you reshape the veneer, first of all you should get a veneer that you love so we don’t have to reshape it. So they come to me, they say reshape it. If we reshape the veneer, we are causing that shiny surface tooth structure not to be like the original and at that time also you can get stained by coffee or wine or etc.

In order to be safe, let’s put it this way, when you’re having wine or coffee, it’s not a bad practice that you get a little bit of water, and just drink some water after it, that would solve your problem, but usually no, the veneers should not stain with coffee, with tea, or wine.

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