Porcelain Veeners with Dr. Anthony Mobasser

Dr. Anthony Mobasser discusses the cost associated with getting dental veneers.

The cost varies depending on what the patient needs and what’s the condition of their teeth currently in their mouth. So, to tell you the truth, depends who’s doing it. Let’s face it; is it gonna be an experienced cosmetic dentist, or just a clinic down the street where they produce and produce a lot of these veneers. There’s many different types of veneers, and for each patient, they might require an aesthetic veneer or a functional veneer, and they’re all different, and they come with different material. So basically, how much it costs, again, each case is different, depends on the knowledge of the dentist, who’s doing it… also the price of the veneers depends on how many veneers you need, or do you want to just do one veneer. Of course you would realize that doing multiple veneers or full mouth veneers, it is very challenging; at the same time, one veneer, to match that veneer to the adjacent tooth, to your natural tooth, will require some time.

It is best to know if your cosmetic dentist that’s doing your veneer has a master ceramist, versus just a regular ceramist or a lab technician. A master ceramist has gone through many years of training to make the right shape for you, the right color for you, that matches the tone of your skin, the white of your eyes, your face, and actually the lips. And this is a very important factor; you want to make sure your veneers are done by a master ceramist and not just like a regular ceramist or a lab technician.

That brings the cost up or down. But I would say average around Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, usually, the veneers start around 2000 dollars and up and I’ve seen veneers done for almost 6-7000 dollars a tooth.

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