How the Best Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Solve Your Halitosis

Nobody wants to have bad breath. We all strive to take the appropriate measures that help to ensure the freshness of our breath: brushing regularly, a mouthwash regimen, and mints or gum after meals. While these actions are helpful, bad breath may be out of your control if you suffer from halitosis. Suppose excessively bad breath is proving detrimental to your social confidence. In that case, it doesn’t have to – there are successful treatments, and some of the best Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry, like that of Dr. Mobasser, can help.

Isolating the Cause

The first step to correcting your halitosis is a proper diagnosis. An expert professional like Dr. Mobasser can isolate the cause of your breath issues, which will go a long way toward finding a successful treatment. Halitosis can be caused by many factors, including but not limited to: gum disease, leaking mercury fillings, an undetected cavity infection, acidic saliva, and even simply large gaps between the teeth. While these causes might be out of your control, you can take steps to keep your bad breath in check, such as avoiding certain foods and refraining from smoking.

Best Los Angeles cosmetic dentistryFinding the Best Treatment for You

Once the root cause of your halitosis has been detected, a world-renowned dental professional like Dr. Mobasser can deliver the most effective treatment possible. If your bad breath is caused by gum disease or a cavity, these can lead to more serious medical issues, so you must undergo treatment as soon as possible. If the issue is more minor, you can expect to be prescribed an anti-bacterial mouthwash that you’ll find more effective than the over-the-counter alternative. Regardless of what treatment is called for, an expert like Dr. Mobasser will have you on the path back to fresh breath.

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Get Your Confidence Back with Dr. Mobasser

Nobody deserves to go through the stress and social anxiety that comes with having bad breath. If it seems like conventional remedies are no longer working for you, your halitosis may stem from a more serious issue. If this is the case, it’s in your best interest to seek out the best Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry, and when it comes to that distinction, Dr. Mobasser is in a class of his own. Please explore our website at, and call 310-550-0383 to set up a consultation to get your breath back on track.

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