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You need to know a couple of things to find a holistic dentist in Los Angeles. Those are delicate procedures that require expertise, knowledge, and special care. They contemplate not only teeth but the general health of an individual. To do that,  a holistic dentist in Los Angeles combines natural and conventional therapies. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is one of the top 10 dentists worldwide and is known for excelling in these methods.

Holistic dentistry, also known as Biological Dentistry, considers the patient’s dental health in the context of overall health. It’s often called “biological” or “bio-compatible” dentistry. Sometimes it goes beyond oral care to emphasize better nutrition, smoking cessation, and moderate alcohol consumption, among other healthy conducts.

Traditional Vs. Holistic Dentistry

Traditional methods use toxic elements. For example, amalgam, commonly used in fillings, contains more than 50% mercury, a heavy metal that may damage the central nervous and immune systems. Dental procedures like gum cleanings or root canals can force bacteria into the bloodstream. In these cases, holistic dentists use natural antibacterial agents to minimize the risk.

A guiding principle of Holistic practice is that the mouth’s health can’t be separate from the health of the body. When you try to find a holistic dentist in Los Angeles, you need to know this method combines a more natural approach with leading technology. For example, Holistic dentistry uses digital X-ray equipment, exposing the patient to less radiation. Some traditional dentists also use this kind of equipment to avoid that exposure.

Holistic dentists replace amalgam, nickel, or other metals usually applied to fill cavities with composite resin. This is a practice that’s become common among traditional dentists. Holistic professionals are also against performing root canals or fluoride, believing both procedures cause long-term problems in patients.

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holistic dentist in Los Angeles

How to find a holistic dentist in Los Angeles

Dr. Anthony Mobasser believes that the more conservative the approach to salvage tooth structure, the more your teeth will last. He only uses mercury free-fillings, material compatibility testing, and innovative isolation techniques. He’s also aware of the role of nutrition in oral health and the relationship of gum disease to other problems.

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