How To Take Care Of Dental Veneers in Los Angeles?

Dental Veneers los angeles

Not all patients can get dental veneers. Their price is high, and they can cost you a huge amount of cash. With that in mind, dental veneers in Los Angeles are a massive investment. That’s why you must take care of them properly so your investment would last a long time.

Brush and floss

You must treat your dental veneers as if they were natural teeth. That said, you have to ensure you brush and floss your teeth after every meal. When brushing, make sure to use non-abrasive toothpaste and soft bristles. Never use whitening toothpaste. It’s also a no-no to brush hard as it can remove the shiny portion of the porcelain. If that happens, the veneers will get stained.

Avoid chewing on hard objects

You must also be careful in what you do with them. Don’t chew on hard things, like ice cubes, pens or use your teeth open beer bottles. Always remember that anything that can break your real, natural teeth will also fracture the dental veneers.

Wear a night guard

It’s advisable if you grind your teeth at night. Even if you don’t think that you clench your teeth at night, wearing a night guard can protect your natural and treated teeth. Dr. Anthony Mobasser educates his patients about how to take good care of their dental veneers. As the best veneer dentist, Dr. Mobasser’s patients are from around the world. They travel for hours just to undergo treatment at his Los Angeles, Beverly Hills office. For more than 30 years now, he has placed 10,000 veneers on his patients’ mouth, allowing him to be known as the top veneer dentist around the world. What’s more is that the veneers in his patient’s mouth remain functional and they look fantastic even after 20 years.

As an expert in dental veneers in Los Angeles, Dr. Mobasser is the authority in designing veneers and transforming a smile. Although his porcelain veneers aren’t the most affordable, they’re considered as the best veneers because they look fantastic and they can last long. To achieve natural, white results, the dental veneers used are polychromatic. They’re not opaque or in a single color. With Dr. Mobasser’s keen eye for beauty, he can create gorgeous veneers to mimic your natural tooth qualities.

If you’re not happy with your smile, call Dr. Mobasser’s office today to schedule an appointment. His dental office is dedicated to his patients’ health cosmetic dental needs. Apart from dental veneers, he also offers aesthetic and full mouth reconstruction dentistry services.

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