Addressing Dental Issues with Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles

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There can be many reasons why you have severe dental issues. It could be that you have suffered an illness or injury that has caused serious damage to your teeth. Perhaps, over the years, your teeth have become stained, chipped or broken or you may have teeth missing in a portion of your mouth. Whatever the situation may be, when you face serious dental issues like this, having quality teeth is important not just for your confidence and self-esteem, but for your overall health as well. The best way for you to address these dental issues is to consider dental reconstruction in Los Angeles.

Improve Your Health with Reconstruction

When you go for dental reconstruction, you will get the opportunity to improve not just your oral health, but your overall health as well. Fixing broken teeth or replacing missing or damaged teeth will help to repair issues you may have with your bite that make eating and drinking painful for you. You will also find that you have an easier time speaking and that any jaw pain you may have had is eliminated. Finally, gaps from missing teeth can leave you more prone to potential sites for an infection that can affect your health, your bloodstream, and your heart. Getting your teeth and mouth reconstructed can eliminate these problems for you so you are healthier.

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Procedures for Dental Reconstruction

When you come to us at the office of Dr. Anthony Mobasser for dental reconstruction in Los Angeles, there are many procedures that we can perform to help you. For patients with missing teeth, the use of dental implants, crowns or bridges can be the answer for you. Chipped and broken teeth can be repaired thanks to porcelain veneers, inlays or onlays. We can also help you with crooked teeth through orthodontic procedures and the use of orthodontic appliances. There are many options available, and treatment is customized to fit your specific needs.

The First Step in Dental Reconstruction

The first step for you to take when you need dental reconstruction in Los Angeles is to call us at the office of Dr. Anthony Mobasser. You can dial 310-550-0383 to ask questions and schedule an appointment for a consultation where you will meet with Dr. Mobasser so he can talk to you about your wishes for dental care. You can find out exactly the procedures we can use to help you overcome any dental issues and have a beautiful, confident smile again.

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