Could I Be Allergic to Porcelain Lumineers?

Allergic to Porcelain Lumineers

Porcelain Lumineer Allergies

Allergies to dental materials such as impression material, dental cement, plastic material, composites for bonding, local anesthetic, metals and being allergic to porcelain lumineers is not uncommon. Although there is allergic testing to dental materials, such as Clifford testing, I have found it to be helpful but not 100% accurate. It is a start!

Be aware that one should distinguish between allergy (swollen tissue, runny eyes, and etc…) and inflammation due to bacteria. So it is best to check with your cosmetic dentist before any procedure, to make sure there is no infected tissue. Should everything be ok, then yes, there is a possibility of allergies to the new material used by your dentist.

The dentist can ask the laboratory to provide the exact material used, and you as a patient can get allergic testing to that material. Although this is lengthy and costly period the patient needs to go through at the end it is all worth it! If you are not allergic to that material then the next step gets harder, since the dentist must now provide one by one each material used in conjunction with the cementation procedure to be tested individually, to find out the solution for the patient!

Allergic to Porcelain Lumineers


















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