The Advantages of a Snap-on Smile from Los Angeles’ Best Dentist

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Are you unsatisfied with your teeth? It’s not unusual to have a less than perfect smile – overcrowding, discoloration, or even missing teeth can lead to a mouth that you don’t exactly want to show off, and you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve looked into fixing your teeth, but the hassle of braces or caps – not to mention the prices for such treatments – is a bit more than what you’re willing to commit to. Luckily for you, Los Angeles’ best dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, can offer you the quick and easy solution of a Snap-on Smile.

A Simple Fix for Your Teeth

What is a Snap-on Smile? Essentially, it’s pretty close to what it sounds like: a removable appliance that fits over your teeth, giving you an instantly whiter, more aligned smile. By simply covering your existing teeth, a Snap-on Smile is a pain-free solution to fixing your smile that does not require the use of anesthetic (this can save you a considerable amount of money). This is also a great treatment for those who suffer from a dental phobia, not to mention it is considerably more affordable than a mouth full of veneers.

Los Angeles' best dentistIs a Snap-on Smile Right for You?

Determining whether a Snap-on Smile is the right solution for your dental needs calls on you to consider several factors. The size of your existing teeth needs to be taken into account, as this apparatus will fit directly over them, which in some cases could make for a bulkier appearance. A Snap-on Smile can also be somewhat fragile, so that’s something to keep in mind as well. This treatment can be a great precursor to something more substantial, like veneers – think of it as almost like a test drive for your new smile.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser Can Revitalize Your Smile

If you’ve done the research on the options for fixing your crooked or discolored teeth, chances are you’re thinking about a Snap-on Smile, at least as a starting point. If you’re considering this affordable technique to correct your smile, you want to consult with Los Angeles’ best dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, to learn exactly what this device can do for you. By calling 310-550-0383, you can schedule a consultation to learn more about a Snap-on Smile, as well as other options for giving you the smile of your dreams. Feel free to explore our website at, as well – you’ll see that what we offer a great deal of ways to give you remarkable, vibrant teeth.

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