Sedation Dentistry from Los Angeles’ Best Cosmetic Dentist

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you a bit squeamish? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you’re not alone – 1 in 3 people fear visiting the dentist’s office. Though most dental trips are relatively painless, the anxiety created by someone operating on your mouth can be unavoidable for some. If you suffer from such a phobia, sedation dentistry from Los Angeles’ best cosmetic dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, might be the perfect solution.

Scared of Going to the Dentist? You Don’t Have to Be

Are you tossing and turning in bed the night before a dental appointment? Do you have an unreasonable fear of even the most basic dental exam? While these fears can sometimes be baseless, they’re unavoidable for some and fall in line with simple human nature. If you’re one of those afflicted by a crippling fear of the dentist, you can skip office visits altogether, which can lead to painful oral problems. There is a solution. However, that can allow you to painlessly and calmly get through dental work, and that’s with sedation dentistry.

Los Angeles' best cosmetic dentistA Tranquil, Relaxing Alternative

The advent of sedation dentistry has been of great help for those with a fear of the dentist. The use of conscious or oral sedation, which relies on benzodiazepines like Xanax or Valium, can greatly relieve a patient’s anxiety without using an IV or general anesthesia. Intravenous sedation, sometimes called “Sleep Dentistry,” is a more powerful alternative that will render you unconscious during your dental procedure. The use of either of these methods does, however, require you to have a ride home, as your motor faculties will be limited after your dental work.

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Let Dr. Mobasser Put You at Ease

If you want the assistance of Los Angeles’ best cosmetic dentist but have an overwhelming fear of sitting in a chair, let Dr. Anthony Mobasser put you at ease. As a world-renowned expert in sedation dentistry, Dr. Mobasser has patients visit him from all over the world – a testament to his excellent bedside manner and proficiency in dental operation. Discover sedation dentistry by exploring our website at, or call 310-550-0383 to schedule a consultation. Let Dr. Mobasser restate your fears and get the cosmetic dental work you need.

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