Expert teeth whitening procedure in Los Angeles

teeth whitening procedure

Teeth whitening and teeth bleaching is one of our major areas of expertise. We pride ourselves in providing pain – free, successful whitening service in the Los Angeles area, with thousands of satisfied customers in more than 10 years of activity.

Although many people think teeth whitening and bleaching are the same, there are some important differences: the whitening procedure removes the external stains from your teeth, while bleaching makes them look brighter and whiter by affecting the internal color of a tooth or teeth and removing deep stains from the dentin layer.

Teeth whitening procedures and products

A successful teeth whitening procedure in Los Angeles uses hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to break stains into smaller pieces, resulting in a less concentrated color and brighter teeth. Some of those stains can also be removed mechanically. In general, teeth whitening is a simple, popular and economical option to enhance teeth looks.

Whitening doesn’t work on all teeth, so it’s important to talk to ask your dentist to evaluate your gums, your areas of recessions and to perform a sensitivity test. Teeth whiteners may not correct all types of discoloration, and if you experience sensitive teeth it’s recommended to find the root of that sensitivity before going any further.

teeth whitening procedure

What causes my teeth to change color?

Some of the main factors that may lead to the need of teeth whitening procedure in Los Angeles are:
Food and Drink: coffee, tea and red wine especially stain the outer white part of teeth because they have intense color pigments called chromogens.
Tobacco: Tar and nicotine in cigarettes turn into a yellowish, surface-staining substance that eventually impregnates teeth.
Age: Over time, the outer enamel layer in teeth gets thinner and more of the yellowish dentin shows through.
Medications: some antihistamines, antipsychotics and high blood pressure medications can cause tooth darkening.

We are experts in teeth whitening and bleaching

We offer a wide variety of teeth whitening procedures in Los Angeles. Tray Whitening usually gives the best results if the teeth are not sensitive; Laser Bleaching or Power Bleaching, which uses the aid of the light; a combination of both Tray Whitening and Laser Bleaching procedures and Permanent teeth whitening.

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