The Best Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills or Anywhere Else

Do you feel like your teeth aren’t white enough? Does it seem like you brush and you brush, you floss every day, and yet, it doesn’t seem like your teeth ever get any whiter? If you feel that way, you aren’t alone. So many people all over feel like their teeth are too dark or…

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best teeth whitening in Beverly Hills

We Offer the Top Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills

When your teeth look less than the way you want them to appear, it can influence your life in many ways. You might smile and speak less in professional and social situations, and perhaps you even shy away from friends and family or from having your picture taken. Your confidence can reach an all-time low…

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Things You Should Know Before Teeth Whitening Los Angeles dentists

Things You Should Know Before Teeth Whitening

There are plenty of reasons why a person wants to have their teeth whitened. It’s become popular in the past few decades with famous celebrities walking the red carpet with pearly white teeth. You see it on TV, in advertisements and you may notice some of your friends have whiter teeth than you do. Before…

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What Diet Should You Follow After Whitening Your Teeth?

Forget the Keto diet or Paleo. Forget Jillian Michael’s latest weight loss food plan. If you’ve just had your teeth whitened, you’re going to need a whole new sort of diet and it doesn’t even have a name. The idea is simple: to keep your teeth white enough for longer, you need to stay away…

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Teeth Whitening services in Los Angeles

How Painful Is Teeth Whitening Services in Los Angeles?

Teeth whitening procedure is painless, as long as an experienced cosmetic dentist performs it. It’s one of Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s areas of expertise. His dental office offers pain-free teeth whitening services in Los Angeles. For more than ten years, his office caters to thousands of satisfied patients. Dr. Mobasser ensures you’ll have the most comfortable…

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teeth whitening procedure

Expert teeth whitening procedure in Los Angeles

Teeth whitening and teeth bleaching is one of our major areas of expertise. We pride ourselves in providing pain – free, successful whitening service in the Los Angeles area, with thousands of satisfied customers in more than 10 years of activity. Although many people think teeth whitening and bleaching are the same, there are some…

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Cosmetic Dentistry Cost

The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry – Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost Cosmetic dentistry cost will depend on the procedure. Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve your teeth’s appearance and their function. It’s used to resolve issues, like uneven, missing or chipped teeth, among others.   Dr. Anthony Mobasser will first evaluate your overall dental condition before giving you an estimate. He’ll interview you to know…

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Best Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills

Best Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills – Teeth Whitening & Veneers

Best Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills Are you looking for a glam smile just like Taylor Swift or Julia Roberts? Don’t wait anymore as Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the best cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills is here to serve all your cosmetic and dental needs. Of the many things people will notice about you, it is your smile…

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