Things You Should Know Before Teeth Whitening

Things You Should Know Before Teeth Whitening Los Angeles dentists

There are plenty of reasons a person wants to have their teeth whitened. It’s become popular recently with celebrities walking the red carpet with pearly white teeth. You see it on TV and in advertisements, and you may notice that some of your friends have whiter teeth than you. Before you get down on yourself, you should know that teeth have a sliding scale of whiteness and that it’s entirely normal that your teeth may be slightly yellow naturally. This doesn’t mean you have to stick with those yellowish teeth forever. You can always try an over-the-counter solution like whitening toothpaste or whitening strips which are somewhat effective with long-term chronic and continued use. However, if you want to skin the months or years it would take to whiten your teeth slowly, you can opt to have them whitened by the best Los Angeles dentists. If you go that route, there are a few things you’ll want to know before hopping in the chair.

A concern on many people’s minds is that whitening and using bleach on your teeth can immediately destroy your enamel. While this is a good concern to remember (because we all want healthy, long-lasting enamel), you’re not likely to see destructive results after your first go with whitening. Used in the short term, you should be safe from enamel damage. Whitening products and procedures have different strengths, so keeping certain products on for longer than recommended or using them for longer than stated may cause damage. You should also know that whitening isn’t for everyone. If you are pregnant, dealing with gum disease, or are an adolescent, you should refrain from teeth whitening. However, if you have questions, you should field them with your dentist before getting any teeth whitening done.

Things You Should Know Before Teeth Whitening Los Angeles dentists1


If you want professional whitening done, you should know that the results do not last forever. You could improve your brushing technique or get your teeth cleaned every six months. It would be best if you got your teeth whitened and months later notice they are yellowing again. However, you can help by avoiding eating and drinking certain foods that can cause them to yellow fasters, such as coffee. Regardless of when you get them whitened, you will eventually need to do a touch-up at your dentist’s office again. The last thing to know about whitening is that you can’t predict the kind of sensitivity you may experience. All people are different, and so their tooth sensitivity is. Your dentist may recommend something like Ibuprofen to help curb the pain after a procedure or sensitivity toothpaste to use following a whitening procedure.

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