Things You Should Know Before Teeth Whitening Los Angeles dentists

Things You Should Know Before Teeth Whitening

There are plenty of reasons why a person wants to have their teeth whitened. It’s become popular in the past few decades with famous celebrities walking the red carpet with pearly white teeth. You see it on TV, in advertisements and you may notice some of your friends have whiter teeth than you do. Before…

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills CA

Are you tired of hiding your smile during a social event? Do you ever wish that you could do something about your missing teeth or discolored front teeth? Dr. Anthony Mobasser, an expert cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills Ca, can resolve all of these issues. Reputable Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills Dr. Anthony Mobasser is…

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The Dangers of Teeth Whitening Gel

Whether you like it or not, there are dangers of using a teeth whitening gel. This is especially true if it’s not recommended by your dentist. Bleaching gels are usually carbomide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in different quantity and different percentages. Americans do spend billions of dollars to purchase and use teeth whitening products that…

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Top Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

A healthy appealing smile can easily enhance your private and professional life. All dental treatment procedures performed by Dr. Anthony Mobasser, known as the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles area, are pain-free, amazing and with striking results. Each treatment is gentle. If need be with the use of sedation dentistry, you could easily sleep while…

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5 Causes of Bleeding Gums You Should Know

It can be alarming to notice that your gums bleed. What are the possible causes of bleeding gums? If you are concerned regarding what your bleeding gums mean, you should make an appointment with the America’s best dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser. Some of the causes of bleeding gums or gingivitis, are discussed below: 1. Medications Blood…

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How can I fix my crooked smile/ face?

What can i do to fix my crooked smile and my face. one side of my face is disproportional to the other, the left side of my face seems “bigger” than the other side! Also around my mouth are all those marks that i hate (see arrows in pics)! What can I do to fix…

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Dentist in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Not all people would love to go the dentist. If they do, they want a dentist who can give them utmost care and attention to saving their teeth for the rest of their lives plus detailed enhancements to the cosmetic looks of their smile; and a dentist who can make dental procedures as comfortable for…

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