5 Causes of Bleeding Gums You Should Know


It can be alarming to notice that your gums bleed. What are the possible causes of bleeding gums? If you are concerned about what your bleeding gums mean, you should make an appointment with America’s best dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser. Some of the causes of bleeding gums or gingivitis are discussed below:

1. Medications

Blood thinning medications are on top of the list of the American Dental Association as the possible cause of bleeding gums. This type of medication decreases your blood to form a clot. As a result, you will experience easier bleeding. Also, some prescription drugs can cause dry mouth, which can cause gingivitis. Recreational drugs are known to cause breakdowns in your gums and teeth! Talk to your dentist about it and let your prescribing physician know that you are experiencing bleeding gums.

2. Gingivitis

You will first notice gum bleeding and inflamed red gums if you have gum disease. Plaques on your teeth and gum line can infect your gums, leading to bleeding gums. When you have gingivitis, your gums will become swollen and tender and bleed easily, even with mild brushing. But at this stage, the disease can be alleviated through proper brushing and flossing. To receive an appropriate diagnosis for gingivitis, our top dentist in Beverly Hills can help you by examining your periodontal pockets ( sulcus) and having a complete gum examination.

3. Pregnancy gingivitis

It’s another cause of bleeding gums. Some pregnant women experience bleeding when they brush their teeth. This can result from hormonal changes as pregnancy can alter the body’s response to harmful organisms that cause gum disease. Proper oral hygiene is a MUST. It is much safer for a pregnant woman to see a good dentist in the second trimester, which is the safest time if any dental treatment is necessary! If pregnant women practice proper and meticulous oral hygiene, bleeding gums should clear up after delivering their baby. It is advisable to have a good check-up after pregnancy to ensure no cavities develop in the interim. You must see a dentist to prevent your gums from becoming worse.

4. Flossing

The wrong flossing can lead to bleeding gums or root damage. You must know how to floss correctly. And if you start to floss more frequently to remove plaque between your teeth, you may notice transient bleeding in your gums. However, if gums bleed during flossing, you should see the dentist for your gum examination. Bleeding gums during flossing is a sign of gum disease.

5. New brush

Brushing can prevent plaque from building up. However, if you switch from a soft-bristled meeting to a firmer one hoping it will get rid of plaque, you may notice that your gums bleed easily. You can damage the gums around the neck of your teeth and cause gum recession. Proper tooth brushing is a must, and each electric or automatic toothbrushes have specific instructions due to the design of their brush heads that needs to be followed. Per Dr. Mobasser, it is wise to change your brushes every two-month maximum. The best toothbrushes are soft or medium-bristled brushes. Talk to your dentist about the best toothbrush that is right for you. At Dr. Anthony Mobasser, you will receive optimum gum dental health care for your bleeding gums. It would be best to wait until your condition becomes severe. Dr. Mobasser can help you prevent it by visiting his clinic as soon as possible.

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