The Dangers of Teeth Whitening Gel

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Whether you like it or not, there are dangers in using a teeth whitening gel, especially if your dentist does not recommend it. Bleaching gels are usually carbamide or hydrogen peroxide in different quantities and percentages.

Americans spend billions of dollars to purchase and use teeth whitening products they can quickly obtain over the counter. Teeth bleaching gels can cause many side effects, including but not limited to tooth sensitivity and damage to the roots of your teeth and gums. The risks are too high to lose your teeth because you wish to have a white, brighter smile without the supervision of an expert dentist.

It is highly advised to consult your dentist first before you even use a teeth whitening gel and other at-home teeth whitening products.

Your dentist can identify those risks based on your condition and recommend specific products or procedures before you commencing teeth whitening products. They can also design a specific protocol to avoid experiencing overly sensitive teeth. Your dentist will check for signs of root damage before using any whitening gel.

Is it Good for You?

Before you even decide to use a teeth whitening gel at home, you should ask for your dentist’s recommendation. Remember that bleaching gels can quickly lighten not all teeth stains. Even professional bleaching procedures can’t whiten all teeth. By asking your dentist’s guidance, you will know whether or not you can maximize the advantages of whitening your teeth.
Per Dr. Mobasser, the older you are, the denser your dentin, the next layer after the enamel, and the harder it is to whiten that sclerotic dentin! On most teeth, the bottom third of your teeth might not whiten as well as the top 2/3 of your tooth. Suppose you do have root exposure and cementum exposure. In that case, restoring the tooth before even attempting any whitening gel is best since you want to avoid internal root resorption and permanent damage.

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If you have sensitive teeth or gum disease, the dental problem should be addressed before you even embark on a teeth whitening procedure.

If cost is a problem, you should ensure that this type of procedure is usually not covered by your dental plans. Remember that professional teeth bleaching can cost more than otc bleaching products you can obtain from pharmacies; however, the peace of mind is worth it.

Should you choose at-home OTC teeth whitening gel?

As mentioned earlier, there are dangers of using teeth whitening gel at home without first consulting your dentist. Opting for an OTC product to whiten your teeth without dentist supervision will increase your chances of dental problems, and your previous dental work may also be negatively affected. If you want reliable results, you should talk to your dentist about how to whiten your teeth.

Although in-office teeth whitening may require more than one visit and it’s more expensive than OTC products, a dentist-supervised teeth whitening procedure can offer you better, longer-lasting results. Depending on your habits, they can even last for several years and need touch-ups.

Remember, teeth bleaching is not an exact science, and there is no guarantee on how white your teeth will turn up! That is why most expert cosmetic dentists such as Dr. Anthony Mobasser will use bleaching teeth as an initial treatment for whitening, knowing it will not last long due to the patient’s habits, and then design more permanent teeth whitening procedures. Dr. Mobasser usually does bleach teeth professionally for a short interim, so when it comes to permanent teeth whitening procedures such as veneers, minimal tooth structure is removed.

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