What is a Professional Teeth Bleaching?

A brighter, whiter smile reflects your overall health and how you feel about yourself. If you want to whiten your teeth, it’s ideal that you opt for a professional teeth bleaching procedure at Dr. Anthony Mobasser, rather than choosing the low-dose bleaching agents over the counter and not be certain if there can be any permanent damage to your precious teeth and smile. Professional teeth bleaching specially done by a cosmetic dentist is safer because the dentist must examine your teeth prior to commencing treatment, and the appropriate percentage bleaching is used not to cause sensitivity, pain and side effects. It’s almost pain-free, despite the relatively high concentration of whitening bleaching gel.

When Hollywood celebrities need to whiten their dull smile, they go to the Beverly Hills dental office of the dentist of dentists, Dr. Anthony Mobasser. They know that he’s the top dentist in the world who can offer them faster and lasting results. The teeth whitening procedure at his private dental office is also the safest form of teeth bleaching.

Before Dr. Mobasser will recommend tray bleaching, home bleaching, power bleaching or laser bleaching procedure, he will first conduct a thorough examination of your dental health, examination of your gums and looking thru a digital camera to see if there are any micro- cracks or fillings or crowns that are not fitting well . If you have tooth or gum problems, they are resolved first before a professional teeth bleaching is performed. You may first have to undergo a prophylactic cleaning. This will clear away all plaques, tarter and debris that have been collected between your teeth and on their surface.

If there are tooth decay, gum disease, and cracks are present, they could interfere with the results. That’s why Dr. Mobasser will first treat them before he will start the professional teeth bleaching procedure. It’s also one of the reasons you shouldn’t consider teeth whitening treatment at home without first consulting your dentist.

Professional teeth bleaching procedure is just one of the many initial procedures performed by Dr. Mobasser for his patients who wish to change their smile. Dr. Mobasser has a keen eye for beauty and he’s known as the best reconstructive dentist around the world. When it comes to teeth whitening, nothing can beat the results and peace of mind provided by Dr. Mobasser. This is why Hollywood celebrities and captains of industry go to his cosmetic dentistry offices to undergo teeth whitening initially and other cosmetic reconstructive procedures with permanent long lasting results.

Dr. Mobasser’s passion for cosmetic dentistry has made him the go-to cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles and he’s considered by his peers as the dentist of dentists. He has more than thousand of loyal patients around the world who are willing to travel for miles just to seek his treatments. With his more than three decades in the dental industry, it’s no wonder he’s the dentist to many local dentists in Los Angeles.

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