Cheap Teeth Whitening – Should You Go For It?

Cheap teeth whitening products that you can purchase over the counter are not always safe. Some of them can cause tooth sensitivity while others may result in tooth root damage. You should be very careful in using them because OTC teeth whitening products aren’t regulated by the FDA. In other words, it’s best to simply opt to have your teeth checked and whitened by your dentist.

It’s true that over-the-counter teeth whitening products are cheaper than the teeth whitening procedure performed by an expert dentist. But it’s all worth it, since you can avoid soft tissue irritation, tooth damage, and irreversible hypersensitivity. 

Powerful Results

Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s teeth bleaching procedure isn’t cheap but it can offer dramatic results. Most of the time, you can see the results almost immediately. It’s more expensive because you’re paying for his cosmetic dentistry expertise, experience and advise on if it is safe for your teeth?,  how to do it ? and with what product you should be using? . Unlike OTC teeth whitening products, the teeth whitening procedure at Dr. Mobasser’s private cosmetic dental office will give you amazing results.

Your results are also monitored by our cosmetic dentist. Thus, any type of discomfort can be alleviated immediately by Dr Mobasser.

If you do choose OTC whitening products for your teeth because they’re cheaper, you’re just putting your mouth at risk of possibly developing serious side effects. Most teeth whitening products contain high levels of peroxide. This is especially true with very inexpensive products, in which your fillings might have leakage, or you might have gum recessions with root exposures, in which can cause severe damage to the health of your teeth, let alone your pocket book.

The better way to whiten your teeth is to go for a professional teeth whitening procedure which costs more and it’s safer and the results can last longer, if monitored correctly.

Be extra careful about dentists who will offer you an incredibly cheap price. These dentists may be offering their patients extremely low prices for teeth whitening just to have you diagnosed for more dentistry treatments. So, if it’s too good to be true, you should be skeptical.

Teeth whitening  and teeth bleaching is very safe as long as it’s performed by an experienced expert dentist.  Their  professional fee may not be too friendly to your wallet but it’s because you will receive the best teeth whitening and bleaching results without putting yourself at risk of suffering from long-term sensitivity and gum irritation and host of many other problems.

Your teeth are essential for your overall health. Thus, it just makes sense to invest in the best treatment and opt for the best cosmetic dentist to perform the procedure. You must have your teeth and gums completely examined and evaluated prior to commencing any bleaching, or teeth whitening procedures.

When it comes to teeth whitening, don’t settle for cheap prices. You should opt for the best. To know how much it will cost for you to undergo such treatment, you need to make an appointment with Dr. Mobasser at (310) 550-0383.

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