Teeth Whitening Process

A bright smile brings confidence to all areas of life, whether going on a date, striving for a promotion at work, or just feeling good about yourself. Even teeth that have turned yellow or brown from cigarettes, coffee, and other staining agents can become 6-10 shades lighter with power teeth whitening. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a Beverly Hills Celebrity Dentist who works for people who make a living with their smile and has over 25 years of experience in making teeth look beautiful. His video about teeth whitening was created specifically for his office to educate viewers about the process, and power whitening allows Dr. Mobasser to give clients a radiant smile they will love in one visit.

Power whitening involves coating teeth with a whitening gel and using a special light to activate the gel and remove stains from multiple layers of a tooth. The video provides information about what happens during the appointment, how the whitener works, and the ways Dr. Mobasser whitens your teeth while protecting your gums, face, and the rest of your body. If this overview does not answer your questions, teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic dentistry services detailed on the world-renowned dentist’s website.

The video demonstrates elements of the whitening process on one patient, but you might not be able to tell that this is always the way it works in Dr. Anthony Mobasser’s Beverly Hills office. The doctor and staff give their full attention to one patient at a time, which is why you might be able to get the consultation and whitening done at the same time if you are eligible for the process. Those with health problems or sensitive teeth may not be right for power whitening, but the doctor will discuss other solutions since you are the only priority during your appointment. It is highly recommended that the patient chooses to have a whitening procedure done, have a complete evaluation done via X-rays intra-oral cameras, and have their gums checked before whitening treatment.

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After the procedure, the doctor and his assistants will evaluate your new smile and recommend ways to keep your teeth gleaming and white. Maintaining your smile could involve a follow-up appointment or at-home care, and the staff will make sure you know any relevant information. Dr. Mobasser puts focuses on delivering personalized, attentive care, so you can discuss anything at the office or call from home later.

A confident, gorgeous smile can empower you in your daily life, and power whitening is one way Dr. Anthony Mobasser at https://celebritydentist.com/ can give patients a Hollywood-worthy smile.

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