Gum damage or ulceration as the result teeth whitening gel ! Is this permanent damage?

ulcerationRecently i got a custom fitted teeth whitening trays from my dentist. One night i accidentally put to much of the gel in and my gum burnt like hell and turned white, however i did keep them on for two hours. I had no problems after this until a couple of days later when i ate an apple, it caused that part of my gums to bleed, and it has been bleeding every time i brush my teeth and hurting ever since! Any advise of what to put on my gums, and is this permanent damage ?? thank you!

Bleaching gel can cause burning sensation to the gum, and in some instances cause the gum to blanch, give it a white appearance. In most cases it will go away within 2 to 7 days. rubbing the gum with a lubricant such as Vaseline will help.
If the sensation or the damage on the gums do not subside within that period, I advise you to see your dentist for further treatment. for more information on teeth bleaching and whitening click here:
As a rule, do not put too much bleaching gel in your take home splints, and if you feel sensitivity within a minute do not continue the bleaching teeth process, stop! call your dentist.


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