What to do for chipped bonding on front teeth, after several attempts by different dentist ?


I’m 32. Since getting my braces off as a teen my teeth have shifted & also worn down over time (grinding, etc). My dentist bonded several of my teeth to provide some of the length I used on have but now one has come off. This also happened when I had another dentist bond a small chip several years ago – it only lasted a short time. I believe the recent event occurred last night when I was eating a hard (a chocolate bar &it was cold).

It seems like you have shorter teeth due to your grinding habit and the reason for your chipped bonding is the 2 folds:
​1- the dental bonding material is not strong enough to withstand the forces of your bite
​2- you might not have enough room on your teeth to place the composite dental bonding restoration.
to read more about where to place dental bonding click here: https://www.celebritydentist.com/dental-bonding/
​You need to have a complete evaluation and have bite analysis done
​If no room, you can smooth the chipped tooth or bonding, if you do not mind the length of your teeth.
​If you want longer tooth, ask the cosmetic dentist to substitute with porcelain veneers.
For information on veneers click here: https://www.celebritydentist.com/porcelain-veneers/
​Even with porcelain veneers if your bite is traumatic, you can still fracture the porcelain, and I have seen a fracture even on EMAX porcelain which is 4 times stronger than regular porcelain. https://www.celebritydentist.com/emax-crowns/
​The answer is to check your bite, with an expert cosmetic dentist and make sure there is canine guidance, and no interference on the material when you slide your jaw forward.

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